Aah Rings of Power. I'm not sure if a lot of people remember this game. When it was originally released it wasn't well received. It probably had something to do with the games difficulty. This game is one of the most difficult RPG's I have ever played. From the very beginning walking to the first destination there is a good chance you will die along the way. The game being difficult aside it is a fantastic game.

In the game you play a sorcerer named Buc. Your goal is to find the six rings of power, and destroy the evil Void. So the story line is simple enough, but everything is when you break it down.

The thing that I enjoyed about this game is how open it is. Right from the beginning you can go almost any where. Chances are you'll die when you go but you still can. The world is fairly large and there are many ways in which to traverse it. You can walk, ride dinosaurs, fly on a dragon, and by boats to sail the seas. Unlike a lot games as you travel your party will actually consume food and water. These are represented by bars so you have to be conscious of it and restock. If you run out of food and water your party slowly start to die.

You are also able to assemble a party of six characters one for each class. There is a sorcerer, knight, archer, necromancer, enchanter, and a conjurer. Each character has their own unique attacks and one super special spell that you have to quest for. You begin the game as Buc and must assemble your crew as you go along the game.

All and all this is a good game. It is extremely hard, but if you can get past that I believe you will enjoy it. Plus it is made by naughty dog so it has to be good.

PS- There is a secret easter egg for the title logo i don't know why they would put it in the game but it is pretty darn funny.

New Logo (Mature Audiences Only)

To get an alternate Naughty Dog Games logo during the opening splash sequence, before you turn on you Genesis hold down A + B + C + Down-Right + Start, then turn your power on.

I pulled this from gamefaqs.