Hi Everybody!

Tactical Rash reporting in from a long term (much longer than anticipated) absence. Some of you may remember me, many of you may not. I see a lot has changed since I last posted. Not surprising, since that was back in November of 2010. Although, I used to be a fairly active member.

'What changed?' you might ask. Simple, I had a baby. Well, I guess I should say that my wife had a baby, although despite what she might tell you, I am sure I had SOME contribution to the process. Though, I won't detail that here; some of you might not be old enough for induction into the Adult Conspiracy (anyone? anyone?).

One thing I can say is that my boy has been a real handful. Often two handfuls, which makes typing strangely difficult (Don't even inquire about the status of my novel). I'd like to get back into writing. I popped back in here a couple times to comment on some Saint and Hist blogs. Now it's time to restart my own. Maybe even have some kind of theme to it (ooohs and aaahs go here) . I don't know yet. I am tossing a few future blog ideas into my notebook for future consideration. I just gotta get back in the habit.


<Pause writing for kid coming downstairs and taking my watch to drop in the dog's water>


And we're back! What was I saying? <Looks back over previous paragraphs> Oh yes, no time to write anymore... But even worse than no time to write, I have no time to GAME!

If 12 year old Tactical Rash of 1996 could see me now, he'd probably kick me square in the nuts.

"What happened dude?" he'd ask me.

"We had such important plans. What happened to the all night gaming sessions? Where did the blueprints for the ultimate game room go?

Seriously dude, I thought the point of growing up was that you get to do what you want, when you want, and no one can tell you 'no'."


<Pause writing as kid steals my ice water, and is pouring it on the dog>


Hard to know what I would tell myself.

'What happened?'

Life happened.

All night gaming sessions have been replaced by early bedtimes and midnight feedings.

My game room gave way to a baby room.

And well, maybe twelve-year-old me may have missed the point of growing up.

I can (and will) complain all day about not gaming, but in reality, he's worth it.


<And, down the stairs he goes...>


Gotta go! Will be back soon (I hope)!