Hi everybody! I am finally back from Ft Pickett. Did you miss me? Let me tell you, I am glad to be back. Let's just say that if there was a competition for "Anus of the Universe", Ft Pickett would be a front runner for the award.

Anyways, now that I have both my fantasy football drafts out of the way (maybe I'll do an off topic blog about fantasy football some time), I figure it's about time I wrote something for you guys. I've left you in Limbo long enough.

Today, I would like to share some bits of wisdom I have gleaned throughout the years from video games. Lessons in life I have learned through my many years of gaming.

So, without further ado:

Things I've Learned About Life From Gaming

1) Sharing is important. Unless there is only one slice of pizza.

2) You can get shot, stabbed, set on fire, maimed, and dismembered without dying provided you get a good night's sleep.

3) When you are at full health, your sword can shoot lasers.

4) You can beat up a hooker, steal a sports car, run down a police officer, shooting every pedestrian you see along the way with your 9mm, and you will get away free and clear with a new paint job.

5) The cake is a lie.

6) If you need a job, look for a guy with a yellow exclamation point hovering over his head.

7) A band can rise to ultimate stardom playing nothing but cover songs.

8) So very many disputes can be solved by simply jumping on someone else's head three times.

9) Our princess is almost always in another castle.

11) Without a fairy, you're not even a real man!

12) To solve overpopulation: Spawn more overlords.

13) And the secret to success? Up, up, Down, down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start 

Well, that's enough for now. Feel free to post your own. I'll probably do this again someday.

Let The Games Begin!