Well, this is it. The final day of my 31/31. I'm actually really surprised I made it this far, but I never expected how much fun I've had. Still, before I ramble about how awesome GIO and this experience was, lets talk about the only game that had made me cry, LittleBigPlanet 2. But before I talk about that, why not let me ramble about one of my favorite titles in all of gaming history, and like almost every one of these blogs, why I simply adore it, like Wind Wakerr, or my memories of these games, like Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness. 

First things first, the music. I can't describe. I find it riveting and amazing, and simply puts the mood for levels, both fan made and in the story. I said this in the beginning- music affects how I play especially in this game. My favorite track is "What Are You Waiting For (Instrumental)", by My Cheap Little Dictaphone. It is easily one of my favorite tracks in music, let alone gaming soundtracks. That song played a pivotal role in the game for me, but more in that later. (I'm actually listening to it now)


I love the level editor, and I see why everyone was raving about when the original was out, before I got a PS3. While I've only made two levels, I have enjoyed making all of them, especially with friends, like nightcrawlerash13. It easily extends the title's replay value beyond belief. You can do whatever you want. Want a giant chocolate cave? Go for it! Heck I've even seen people make freaking first person shooters with it. It simply amazes me how creative some people are if given the correct tools. The inclusions of sackbots, which are exactly what they sound like, are also an amazing addition.

I also love the ability to customize your sackboy or sackgirl. While he or she will always be silent, simply by the way you dress your sackperson up will tell who you are. Mine wears a paper bag on his head, because I get socially awkward, but I also wear pink kitten paws to show if someone needs comfort, I'll be there, let it be a friend at school, or a buddy here on GIO. 

The gameplay, while it may get difficult, is still fun. While you still have traditional platforming, you can also get new abilities on the level, like a grappling hook or the Creationator, which sprays different substances, like fire or water. There are also intense boss battles, like in one stage you need to run away from a giant turkey, or in another you need to kill a giant, mechanical spider. Also, no two levels are too alike. In one level you could be shooting on a camel, while in the next you need to use bounce pads and grappling hooks. 

Now, the events that lead up to making me cry. I was on the final boss, the Negativatron. He reveals why he exists- he feeds off of negativity, and each character focuses on one negative, like Avalon being too self centered, or Mary being insecure. Then, you engage in the final battle versus the beast. He has three stages, and I died again and again on the second. When I did get to the final form, I died. I decided to look for help.

I joined various people with the same idea in mind as me- defeat the Negativatron. Well, we made it past the first with ease, but the second would massacre us. I even got paired up with a hacker, but I quit. I wanted to honestly beat the game. I kept trying, until I gave up on doing it with others. This time, I was going lone wolf. I got past the first form without dying, and the second I managed to survive. The entire time, I listened to "What Are You Waiting For" in my head. I fell into a rhythm. I dodged projectiles, and I threw rolls to defeat him. All was left was to bounce on top. As my sackboy's beet hit the top, I won.

But I didn't cry yet. I didn't cry when everyone congratulated me on winning. I cried when the narrator began to talk about imagination. Imagination is, as I learned, what keeps us living. It spawns our dreams, or hopes, our desire as a race to discover the fruits of life. But the most magical moment to me was when the stray pieces of Craftworld hit Earth. It wasn't destruction, but I knew exactly why the opening sequence, before you even make it to your pod, was there.

And just like that my 31/31 run is, well, over after this rambling. I would like to thank BlackHeartedWolf, for creating this challenge. I would like to thank blaze9010, Stranger, and Goldvssilver for inspiring me more and more each month that there 31/31 or 30/30 happened. I would like to thank all my friends for supporting me, especially LGAR, Brav0 F1ve, and musicalham for commenting on almost every one of these I posted. Finally, I want to congratulate my fellow members who took on this challenge with me this month; Jolt, Le Hannibal, and Chris. I have to admit, if it wasn't for GIO, I would have never survived my first year of middle school. Everyone here, and I mean everyone, is awesome, and one year later I still meet new people. We are an awesome community, so lets keep it, amigos!