Like yesterday's entry, Fallout 3, I've barley scratched the surface of Super Paper Mario. Also like Fallout, I have not played any other game in the series. Still, even at Chapter 3-3, I am having a totally awesome time saving the world from Count Bleck and The Void. While this is my first time playing, I do know the story, and is one of my favorites in any medium, as for once it is not "save the Mushroom Kingdom/ Dinosaur Land/ Other Land No One Cares About". Witty dialogue, fun gameplay, and fun puzzles also make this game epic, at least in my opinion.

The biggest difference between the original Paper Mario, and its sequel, The Thousand Year Door, is that instead of turn based combat, it functions like a traditional Mario title, and Idon't mean just 2D. Early on in the title, Mario gets the ability to turn into a 3D perspective. This adds a new layer to combat, puzzles, and even navigating the environments. Also new is the addition of little sidekicks called Pixls. One, Tippi, is always by your side, and is actually quite likable. The rest you discover on your multidimensional quest, and these can be changed out so Mario may use new abilities, like dropping bombs with Boomer. 

Also on your journey Mario will find three old friends(SPOILERS). First he finds Peach, who can use her parasol to block hostile attacks and float down from above. Next up is Bowser, who can breathe fire. And finally you discover Mario's underrated bro, Luigi, who can jump very high. The music, while like Luigi, is underrated, is also great, my favorite being the Floro Sapien theme. Finally, I love how each chapter has its own, distinct art style, like Chapter 3's being pixels.


The dialogue is hilarious, as well are some of the animations, like Bowser's rapidly spinning arms. I like how the game's characters understand the crisis at hand, but it does not take itself too seriously, like how rude Bowser is to everyone, to Luigi's "bro" metaphors. Even better are the Cragnons, Floro Sapiens, and Bleck and his minions. The writer for this game deserves a giant cookie. Maybe even an Ultra Shroom Shake.

As already stated, the story is amazing, from your first steps in Flipside to the ending credits. At first, it seems like it is just another "save the world" game. But after a few text only flashbacks, the game is a love story between Tippi and Bleck. You see, one day Bleck (Then called Blumier), of the Tribe Of Darkness, fell off of a cliff. A girl named, Timpani, from the Tribe Of The Ancients, nursed him back to health, even though their tribes hated each other. They then fell in love, but Blumier's father found out. His father the proceeded to cast Timpani into space.

Blumier vowed to find Timpani, as she meant the world to him. Later, Merlon found a dying Timpani. He used magic to save her life by turning her into a Pixl, and proceeded to name her "Tippi". Sadly, she forgot her past, including Blumier, who was now Count Bleck after finding the horrid Dark Pronostigus. After becoming evil, he amassed a band of minions (Mimi, O' Chunks, Dimentio, Nastasia, and to an extant, Mr. L. He then created a void to engulf the universe. At the end of the game, Tippi realizes who she was, and also that Count Bleck was Blumier. Minutes before the Dark Pronosigust's scheme is complete, Timpani and Blumier say they love one another, and generate enough love, with the O'Chunks, Bowser, Mimi, Peach, Nastasia, Luigi, and Mario, to save the world. The two lovers disappear, but after the credits, a lone picture of two human like pictures seen. Those are Timpani and Blumier.

I love this game a ton, and it has one of my favorite stories of all time. From Luvbi's sacrifice (who comes back post- game), to finding Bleck's true motives, it is one Hawaiian roller coaster ride. While I do enjoy this game, I can't wait for Sticker Star to see traditional Paper Mario gameplay. Anyways, tomorrow will be the final SNES game on the list. See you banditos/ amigos/ ogimas later!