Do you remember how I said Halo 2 was the only M game on the list? Well, that was before that game blew up (pun intended) that statement. I picked up the GOTY edition at GameStop for only twenty Us currency. I walked into the game not expecting anything too exciting. Well, this being my first open world game, I'm surprised how many epic moments I've experienced in the title. Well, let's see, shall we, amigo- sans?

My first memory in Fallout Tres is the elementary school. I had plenty of bullets walking in there. Heck, I even found a new gun and plenty of bullets in my quest for caps, the game's currency. I was just one foe away from escaping the atmospheric school. I fired a few shots, but as soon as he retaliated, I ran out of bullets. Great. So, it was up to my trusty baseball bat. After some perilous platforming, I bludgeoned him to death. He had seven bullets. I still have not used them, as they are for emergencies, but my baseball bat is not enough to rescue someone in Hamilton's Hideaway, which I hope I can melee through tomorrow. 

Another scenario happened that I thought quirky was when I tried making it to the town of Ruefor (or something like that). I already died a couple of times- once by dogs, and twice by glitches- but this time I managed to kill all but one rabid dog. I was low on health, but not low enough to risk using a precious stimpack. Well, I saw two people like creatures in the distance, which I assumed were part of the Brotherhood Of Steel. Well, do you know the saying "Never assume anything or you're going to make a donkey(you know what I mean) out of you and me? Well, follow that. They were my first Super Mutants, and I was gunned down instantly.

I have a ton of smaller memories as well, but they don't deserve entire paragraphs. In shoret, this is the other stuff that happened. I was stampeded by my first crab person. I was scared witless when I was ambushed by a bandit with a flamethrower. I have a bounty on my head for killing a bandit that was about to kill me (thanks, Lady Killer perk), and I recall much more. But my overall memories of the game are for a future blog.

Overall, I am impressed by the game so far. I'll go as far as saying it is one of my best impulse buys I've ever made. Still, I hope the game gets even better, as I know I've barley scratch the radiated surface. In other news, keep an eye out for DJH's 31/31 next month. He is epic, so read his. Or else I'll hit you with my baseball bat.