Kirby's Nightmare In Dreamland is one awesome game, and is my favorite in the series, at least in what Kirby titles I've played so far. It has cool music, epic cover art (Meta Knight is banned in Brawl for a reason), and classic Kirby gameplay. As the heroic pink puffball, you travel across various locales, like Butter Building on your way to the Dream Fountain to see what the heck is going on, and the throws a "WTF" boss at you after defeating the bird king, King Dedede. Still, I love those moments, and it serves a nice text- based resolution when the climatic final duel is concluded.

This Kirby game also has some of the best abilities. It still includes the classics, like Fire, Ice, and Spark, but also has new ones (I think) like UFO and my personal favorite, Spike. UFO has Kirby ride a "Unidentified Flying Object" and is very similar to the Beam ability, except it levitates. Spike has Kirby attack by having huge, pointed cones shoot out around him, protecting him from harm and destroying all hostile Waddle Dees in the attack's range.

This title's bosses are also pretty epic, if I do say so myself. One of my favorites is the Sun and Moon boss. As their titles state, well, they are a sun and moon. While they are two, different creatures, they share a life bar, and that's for a reason- it's a pretty difficult boss. The sun and moon alternate in attacking, so while one second the moon is firing stars at you, the next will have the sun speeding towards Kirby. This is an entertaining boss, and many are equally so.


Well, that's it for today's 31/31 installment. Tomorrow will be the game I said yesterday, so you guys can see what it is in the future. In other news, Chris, Jolt, Le Hannibal and I only have another five days left. Wow, this went by fasster than I was expecting. Thanks amigos for sticking with me, so lets blow this candle. In five days.