Super Mario 3D Land was the first Mario game I beat. I got stuck in both of the Mario World games, never got through the basement in Mario 64, and have not played any other core Mario titles.. Still, it was awesome. When I first walked into this game, I was not expecting for me to grow to play this game all the time. It took me a week to blaze through the main game, and I'm now on Special World 8. I guess what I'm trying to say here is that Super Mario 3D  Land is simply one of the best, original (Sorry, Zelda) 3DS games out there.

Basically, this game claims that it puts "a modern twist on classic Mario gameplay". Well, it does just that. It combines elements of the original Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and then incorporates the 3D gameplay of 64, Sunshine, and the Galaxy games. Certain levels have Mario (or Luigi) navigate across huge, 8 bit platforms inspired by the original SMB, as well as keeping the three hit maximum of the title that began the series. Note blocks and the classic Tanooki suit make their return, as well as the airships (which appear in five of the eight main worlds) with two new bosses- one who spins, and one who throws boomerangs. Overall, it does support that statement.

While a ton of it is a homage, 3D Land does bring new things as well. A new power up, the boomerang suit, was added, and may be used to reach far off objects. Star Coins are also a new collectible, and three are hidden in each stage. These are optional sometimes, but in some cases they are needed to progress in the game. Another notable addition is the inclusion of "Mystery Boxes", which use the 3DS's StreetPass technology. As you [ass by other people who have played the game, you will trade boxes. Each contains a challenge, and if you complete it in ten seconds, you receive another Star Coin. Sometime you ,may get lucky, and get rooms with four 1- ups and ANOTHER Star Coin.

While new is always awesome, doesn't the game still need to hold up? Exactly, and Super Mario 3D Land does not disappoint. I love the feel of the levels, as they are different, but some share a recurring theme, such as the snow levels almost always having Fuzzies and ropes connecting platforms. Still, even with all the awesomeness, it still is a classic Mario game, and nothing has changed too much. Goombas are still brutally murdered with a quick stomp, and Koopa Troopas' shells can be used as a deadly projectile. 

I have one specific memory of this title. It was as day after I got the game, and I was on a sidescrolling airship level. I had 72 lives. I kept on trying, and I constantly died. Soon, we had to go to the art museum, and I, being the geek I am, was excited to go, as they had a "Picasso to Warhol" exhibit. Well, I was in such a rush to go I forgot to freaking pause. I lost every life I had left. It sucked, but I learned a lesson- Never pause on a Mario game. 

Do you know how I said there was only going to be one M game on the list. Well, I forgot about one, and the other I recently played and I'm loving it. Anyways, tomorrow will be one, and it is actually the last entry in the series I actually thought was unique. Anyways, thanks for reading, amigos (or in LGAR's case, omiga)!