Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is a series placing Pokemon in a rogue like dungeon, and all the game that have released in the US thus far have had decent stories and somewhat likable characters, like (SPOILER WARNING FOR THE REST OF THE BLOG) Grovyle in Sky, Dark, and Time. As you accept missions, you get loot, the inflated Pokedollar, and possibly even a new member in your exploration team. This title has plenty of memories, so gather around, and Bender will tell you a magnificent story about his experience in some Pokemon game not in the main series. Anyways...

My brother got this game for Christmas, and he hated it. He didn't sell it though, so I took it, and proceeded to have a ton of fun with my Charmander and Pikachu. Sadly enough though, I quickly became stuck at the terrible Mount Bristle. And for the first time in forever, I had more trouble with the dungeon itself than the boss. As you can probably see, I was given Charmander, and I chose Pikachu because I liked him. Then the Geodudes came and, well, you know what happens.

I finally beat the dungeon when i had incredible luck. I always spawned by a starcase, and I only encountered Starlys and Spineracs. It was smooth sailing until another major roadblock- Groudon. That guys sucks, and guess what? He's a freaking Ground type. He would one hit KO my team of two, and by the time I beat the ILLUSION, I was over leveled. Or so I thought, as Primal Dialga, the final boss of the main game, appeared. I never beat him, and abandoned the game.


The game added a onto the original very much. You could get new Pokemon, and new starters were introduced. There were also plenty of new dungeons to explore (Sadly, almost all of these were post-game). Still, my favorite addition was Spinda's Cafe. There, you could recycle items to get new ones, and even get new dungeons. Heck, when possible, I would have some apple juice with the other two Pokemon recruits for that days adventure. Good times.

I enjoyed this game a ton, even despite some unfair bosses (see Primal Dialga). On another note, I'm going to try DJH's blog idea tonight, and if it works, it should be up tomorrow morning. Also, I started this game again two weeks ago. I chose Riolu and Shinx, and I've made more progress in two days then my past playthrough did in a month. Thank you and goodnight.