Well, everyone, gather around. It's memory time again! Anyways, Super Smash Bros. Melee is arguably one of the greatest Game Cube games ever made.But, well, when I was in first grade, my best friend had a Game Cube, with this game, and Pokemon XD: Gale Of Darkness. I envied him so much in those days. One week we were going to play on Friday, and I anticipated playing it with him all week. We would talk about our favorite characters and such during recess ( I always claimed Pikachu and Yoshi,were the best), and I said I could easily defeat him with Pikachu. I would later eat my words.


When I went to his house after school, his brother and his buddy were there as well. We played Super Smash Bros. Melee with them. The problem? I had no idea how to play. My friend told me that it had inverted controls, and worst of all, we played on Temple. While I grew to like it in Brawl, it is not a good course for beginners. I lost without even dishing damage. After another round, we played another game, which I will get into tomorrow (memory blogs for the win!). Still, like many other games on this list, I wish to revisit it.

I have since moved, but a year ago, I forget where, I played the game again. Let's just say for once, I was actually GOOD at a video game. I pummeled my opposition with Adult Link, using his hookshot, shield, and sword. Kirby, Mario, Samus, even another Adult Link could defeat me. Until, of course, the evil Mewtwo came along to murder me. Let's just say that was one of my closest matches in any video games ever. 

It was a stock match, so each of us had three lives. The course was Saffron City. I was ready. Again, I ate my words. Mewtwo killed me twice in the next minute. The match looked grim, but I prevailed as I listened to the music. Music helps me play better, in any game (exception: Rock Band). Heck, I finally unlocked Metal Mario in Mario Kart 7 while listening to "Call Me Maybe". Any ways, I got him down to one life, and I was at 100%. It was the edge of the battlefield, and I barley managed to hook shot Mewtwo. Suddenly, an Electrode appeared and detonated. Even though I had more damage, the explosion sent Mewtwo off the screen mere frames before I dd. Talk about lucky.


Again, I hope to revisit this game in the future so I can have more climatic moments and devastating (as devastating as a game of Smash Bros. can be) as the hero of time. Next time, on 31/31, will E Armor betray Carson to see who is the final amigo? Wait, no, that's just a marketing executive that lives under my bed. Crazy guy put all of his money on a sitcom on ABC. Anyways, see you guys tomorrow!