Castle Crashers is an epic, emotional journey following a knight mourning the loss of his village. He proceeds to go kill the person responsible for it, and travels across the land. I'm totally kidding. Castle Crashers has tons of hidden items, awesome hand drawn graphics, an amusing plot, cool combat, and more pooping deer skyrocketing then I care to count. Castle Crashers is The Behemoth's love letter to classic "beat em' up" titles with a twist. 


In Castle Crashers, you go across the land collecting treasure, saving princesses, and taking down bosses. Along the way, you may level up, and invest in four different skill trees; magic, which gives you new abilities and strengthens existing ones, strength, which makes your weapon more powerful, agility, which lets you run faster and let your arrows go farther, and defense, which gives you more health. There are also many characters you may unlock, but you start with( not counting DLC packs) the orange, red, blue, and green knights. Each has different magic- fire, electricity, frost, and gas. This brings me to my next point- co-op.

Castle Crashers supports local and online four player co-op. This is why there are four starting characters and skill trees. I played through most of this game with friends, and had a super special awesome time. Enemy numbers changed by the number of players, and the screen got even more intense. You could also fight one another to the death in arenas, or for the princess's (very long) kiss. This only adds to the already amazing experience.


The boss's are different and well designed, and there are these cute little things called "animal orbs" that will help you on your quest. They do many things, from healing you to helping you defend from the onslaught of hostile cartoon warriors. Plus, as stated, they are adorable, and you can't help but to hug him. Well, other then the dragon one. That guys dangerous.



 The music in this game is awesome too. Courtesy of, it sets the tone for each level perfectly, from start to finish. Overall, Castle Crashers is a truly fun game with humor, charm, and, well, being adorable. It is rated T for Xbox and PS3 to deownload, so get it if you can. Thank you and goodnight.