Portal 2 is filled with wit, puzzles, and combustible lemons. The sequel to the award winning 2007 game "Portal", this title basically builds on all fronts that made the original awesome. As soon as Wheatley, a personality core, asks you to say "apple", you know you are in for a humorous and wild ride. With your portal gun in hand, you navigate the never ending expanse of test chambers, and they all will perplex your mind.

When (SPOILERS BEGIN HERE) GL4DOS wakes up, she is funny, even though most of the time it is just trying to bring Chell, Portal's silent protagonist, down. Then when Wheatley, the same robot who woke you up, rescues you, you bring him to GL4DOS's chamber. When he takes over, he sends you, and GL4DOS, who is now a potato, into the depths of Aperture Labs. This is where you meet one of my favorite characters, Cave Johnson, is heard.


Cave Johnson was the founder of Aperture Labs, where the entire Portal series takes place, until the last few minutes. Cave Johnson made many hilarious quote including the one that you've probably heard- "When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade! I'm going to get my engineers to make combustible lemons, and burn your house down!". That quote alone makes Cave Johnson super special awesome. 


The game never lacks in story (in the late game, at least), charm, wit, surprise, and eureka moments. Portal 2 is the best first person portal shooter game I have ever played, and if you have not played it get on Steam right now, and buy it cheap. The experience the best puzzle game of 2011. Thank you and goodnight.