Note: There are spoilers in this blog. Read at your own risk.                             


I looked around from the top of Link's tree house. I never expected the first Legend Of Zelda game I've ever played to impact me so much. Just the music left me in awe. As i traveled across Hyrule, it got better and better. I had never seen as big as a boss as King Dogondo, or be as perplexed at a puzzle until the Shadow Temple. Even the characters- at least Link, Zelda/Shiek, Ganondorf, Impa, and Malon- were well done.

I got stuck a ton in this game. I wandered for hours trying to get the bomb bag, constantly died in Jabbu Jabbu's Belly, got demolished by Volvagia, and had trouble defending myself from Stalfos. Still, that's the magic of the series to me. Kind of like Professor Layton, the feeling of completion feels awesome, such as when I beat Volvagia after two months. Gamer of the year, I know.



The amount of side quests in Ocarina Of Time is awesome. Searching for heart pieces and gold Skullatas gives you an incentive to look in every nook and cranny, while others are just giant fetch quests with an awesome reward, like Biggeron's Sword. The music also amazes me, from the ocarina melodies to the music in Hyrule field. It really puts me in the mood, and usually I play a lot better. I think this game is an amazing blend of action and puzzle, and is filled with emotion, from the farm to the final moments. Thank you and goodnight.