(Guys, I have an ear infection currently, and it sucks. It will get better by Monday, but it really makes me tired. I'll keep them long, but I'll most likely mess up a lot. Thank you for understanding.)


 This will be the first of many Pokemon games on the list, so I might as well start with my second DS game, and second favorite game in the series, Pocket Monsters Diamond. Pokemon Diamond was for the Nintendo DS, and I played it all the time until Heart Gold and Soul Silver, and am currently playing it on my YouTube channel now. I have restarted it about five times now, and with enough time in between playing through it, it still feels somewhat new.

The Sinnoh region is one of my favorite areas in the Pokemon series. Mount Coronet towers between east and west Sinnoh, and that may be seen between species- the Pokemon Shellos is either pink or blue depending on which side you are on. Also, every town, save Twinleaf,  your home town, has a reason to return to, even when the main game is over. For example, once the Elite Four are defeated, you can go back to Sandgem Town ad talk to Lucas's/Dawn's little sister. She will then proceed to tell you where today's mass outbreak is. The replay value is very high in this game.


The little things in the game also make it fantastic. While it can't be seen too well above, the snow effect was amazing for its time. The way the water moves adds to the experience as well, making the world feel alive. Even the character sprites have a lot more detail, like the Team Galactic grunts' hair, or the way Dawn's hat moves as you run across the region. 

Pokemon Diamond also has a feature called "The Underground". The game brings you to a sprawling underground mine, where you may play with friends. You may create your own secret base and decorate it, set traps for friends (This title supported wireless play), and mine for orbs, fossils, and evolutionary stones.


Pokemon Diamond also introduced online battling. You could test your team with people around the world, as well as trade using the Global Trade Station, or the GTS. Not only did it add to the experience, but put a whole new layer of strategy into the game. Pokemon Diamond may be one of the most innovative Pokemon games yet, and I love. Thank you and goodnight, amigos.