N+ is honestly the most difficult game I have ever played. That's what I remember most about this this title. for those of you who have never heard of N+, you play as a ninja, as seen on the box, who has awesome jumping skills, but no attacks, and will die in one hit. The objective is to get through a gauntlet of five levels by nabbing each key and exiting through a door. While it may not sound like much, I had a blast playing with my cousin when we went to see them once a year. This is the same cousin that I played Star Wars Battlefront 2 with, so he would play this while I would play that, until the following summer, when I got him the game on PSP.

The memories I have of this game are mostly making one-in-a-million jumps between drones, or jumping across into the door the room with a rocket on my tail. I would also name each ninja to see which one would survive each challenge. Ironically enough, after enough time, one named "Dwight" or "Micheal" would survive. My brain is weird. 


The game also had an awesome level editor. You had about 24 different types of blocks and enemies available to you to make your own punishing level. Do you want to make a difficult jump upwards to grab the key with two rocket turrets spewing heat seekers at you, only to scramble down  a ramp with mines placed on it to make it to the door? Do it, amigo. My cousin and I would swap systems to try each other's creations, but they never rivaled the ones programmed in. Still, a fun thing to do.

There is plenty of stuff to unlock, let it be level packs, new music, or a different colored ninja to use. The level packs were just new levels awarded when you beat enough levels. Nothing special there. The music, on the other hand, has plenty of cool, techno tracks. They are perfect songs to triumph (and die) to. The different colored ninjas- while only cosmetic- is also very cool. I believe they have black (default), white, red, blue, green, orange, purple, yellow, and my personal favorite, pink. This not only adds fun, but replay value to the game.


I'm already on day five. Wow. It seems like I started this five days ago. I would like to thanks everyone for there support, as it keeps me going. Thank you and goodnight.