Before I start the blog, I would just like to say happy 4th of July, everyone! I am sorry, but today's blog will be rather short. Thank you for understanding.


 I never owned this game, like many games on the list, but I played the heck out of this game when I could. I would let my cousin play my DS while would blast through droids in this game. When a friend wanted to play this game on his PS2, we would duke it out on our favorite map, Yavin. I would always be the clones and rebels, while he would be the Empire and the Trade Federation.

I loved playing as the clones. In the expanded universe, they are really awesome, especially the Republic Commandos. I would just run around the map with a pistol and rocket launcher and complete objectives like no tomorrow... well, until my friend got the sith lord, like Darth Sideous.He would electrocute my army on the Death Star, causing to either die or fall to our doom in the reactor room. Good times.


  Again, thank you for understanding the shortness of this blog. Tomorrow it will be longer, as I'll be at home. Thank you and goodnight.