Well, this is it to a road to stronger blogs. Anyways, a little about myself. I'm a Bronie and a huge Invader Zim fan.  I also like Pokemon and Bender. I've also been writing since, well, I learned my ABCS. 


   Anyways, me as a writer, on here and other places. If you've read any f my past blogs, you know I have a thing for listing, such as ideas for games and discussions over what you want to hear at press conferences. Outside of here, I have a bunch of short stories and manuscripts for short chapter books and the occasional play or game guide. 

  Blogging wise, I'll just try to have fun with it and hope for the best, as in no trolling in the comments. While I put a lot of effort into my blogs, I know they will never be as good as Oni's or Saint's if I don't expand my chops, as a while ago I had  series planned for here. If I want that to be successful, I need to stop doing so many lists and try to ease out of the of being scared of if my blogs are terrible.

  I also write short stories abut video games, like one about Master Chief taking out a Covenent vessel and a Ocarina Of Time Story through the Fire Temple. I've always wanted to make my own publication, or work at Game Informer as the next Ben Hanson, the guy that does the videos like Replay. If it wasn't for games, board and digital, I would have never come here and read these awesome blog and cool people.

 Finally, I can't wait to get feedback so my next WGWC blog may be even better! So long, and thanks for reading another one of my blogs. See you next week!