Hey, Folks. First off, I want to thank you all for readying my four part series of Smashed: A Retrospective. This has been an overall positive experience for me when looking at interviewing procedures and article writing. While this may be a bit off into the future, I hope to have more interviews for you to read, articles to ponder, and just other general fun stuff (gaming related or otherwise).

                Here it is, the final part of the series: A podcast interview with Benjamin Reeves, Daniel Ryckert, Timothy Turi, and Jeffrey Cork of Gameinformer Magazine.




(Sorry, but I can't get the embed html to work)



                There are a few lessons I have taken from this experience:

  • A cell phone is not a good speaker phone. Sound quality is everything for a call in.
  • Skype is also a good way to go for podcasting.
  • Use doodle poll right away. Go check it out. It is the greatest thing ever. Of all time.
  • Don't rely solely on e-mails.
  • Small talk before an interview can save your life.
  • Ben and Tim can sing a good theme song.


I'm sure there some other things I have learned, but I forgot them already. Easy come, easy go.


The interview was a lot of fun, but man was I nervous. I am still new to the whole podcasting thing, and I am very new at the interviewing thing. But hey, we all have to start somewhere. I want to thank all four members of GI for agreeing to do the interview (especially in trying to find a day in which all four of us were available).  A special thanks goes out to Benjamin Reeves who sparked the idea of an over the phone interview. It really speaks to how close the staff members are to their fanbase to agree to do something like a podcast for some person they do not even know. Seriously, thank you very much Dan Ryckert, Tim Turi, Jeff Cork, and Ben Reeves.


If you want to check out other episodes of the podcast (and see if I have gotten any better, which I have thank you very much) go to iTunes and look up Room 310 Pro. You can also go to our website which is right here.