All those Mass Effect fans out there know what biotic powers are, often used by the Asari biotics is a dangerous, as well as powerfull way to defeat your enemy, but where does this power come from and how is somebody able to become a true master of biotics ? We will find out now !

The term ''biotics'' is representing the ability to create mass-effect fields in order to focus them on certain objects by using element zero ressources which are located in the body of the biotic-user. There are three kinds of biotics: to elevate, move objects; to destroy objects or to create mass effect fields that protect you from other effects. Most of the livings are able to develop biotic powers, but this is also connected with high risks.

Biotic abilities are awaked by irridating fetuses with element zero, in the best case the baby developes new neural cells which are reproducing element zero and enable the user to create mass effect fields. But the high risk of this process is that many persons can't take the element zero -therapy and different types of cancer are showing up, this is why biotic warriors are that valuable for military formations. Especially the Asari are known for their biotic powers as there is the fact that they are born with this ability.

Once a person has shown up biotic abilities he has to be equiped with so called bio amps, little implants that ensure the carrier to take much easier control over his biotic powers. Mostly those bio amps are surgically implanted during the puperty, during the beginning of the carrying the biotic-user has to learn ''physical mnemonic''. With physical mnemonic the biotic is using a physical gesture to cause neurons to fire in a certain sequence by sending electrical charges from the bio amp to the element-zero reproducing cells in order to cause the desired effect -building a mass effect field. There are different types of bio amps, the so called types are reaching from ''L1'' to ''L5n'.

Many users of the bio-amp ''L2'' have suffered from health problems, after the release of the ''L3'' the L2-users turned their back on the alliance and have gone into a solitary area of the galaxy. One fraction has left because they think they have been betrayed and left behind by those who convinced them to take the L2 implants. Others think that biotics are the next step in human evolution and with this they feel more uncomfortable to be under ''normal people''.

And now I will bring you a hierarchy of the biotic races, number one is the race with the most potential and number nine is the worst:

#1: Asari    #2: Kroganians    #3: Humans    #4: Drell    #5: Collectors    #6:Salarians    #7: Battarians    #8: Rachni-Breed Warriors    #9: Turians    -all the other alien races like Hanar, Volus, Elcor or Vorcha are not well known for their biotic powers. 

With this I am hoping I could explain the biotics to you with ease and thank you for reading !