It's official ! RE: Operation Raccoon City has a release date, with this I am introducing you to the Delta Team. In the beginning I am showing you each member of the USS and after that I will give you a impression of the upcoming game.

First up is Vector, as official delta team commander he is an true expert of recon.

Only little is known about the background of Vector, he must have trained in the presence of a japanese martial arts master because of his smooth and thought-through movements which are making him outstanding. While under training of Umbrella Security Service he has developed a killer instinct and to act without mercy to accomplish his mission. Equiped with his knownledge about stealth, close combat techniques(as well as knife combat) and a cloaking device he is unstoppable.


Second is the member with the ''mother-instincts'' of the delta team, Bertha.

Her real name is Michaela Heinzwaffen, she has a enormous knownledge about the human body and it's neural limits. According to this Bertha was allways interested in pain, with this she is letting suffer her victims allmost until death, with her lore she is also able to heal, so she is torturing her enemies allmost to death and heals them, over and over again. Concerning to this Berthas character seems to be sensitive, realistic, gleeful and terrifying. On the battlefield she is used to heal her brothers in arms and to check their medical conditions.


Thirdly there is Beltway, the expert for explosives.

His real name is Hector Hives, in his early life he noticed that making people laugh is a good way to trust and friendship, but for the bad luck of his enemies he has a certain kind of humour, the mixtype beetween weapons and explosives are bringing Hector more fun than everything else, since this he is focusing on explosives and the way they demolate the enviroment. Umbrella has noticed that Beltway has no sense for compassion and with this he fits perfectly into the USS Delta team as demolition expert as long as his passion is controlled by umbrella.


Next up is Four-Eyes, normal name: Christine Yamata.

Christines passion was science since she was a little child, nowadays she is a virologist who sees the human body as a breeding ground for her obsession: virology.

In her childhood and youth she never had a lot of social interactions, with this she didn't developed a sense for other persons or livings. At longe range Four Eyes is very effective for Umbrella concerning to the fact that she is right at the source of the companys' scientifical interests, the battlefield. Four eyes' most important task is to take assays of different individuals, relating to her knownledge she is also able to control B.O.W.s. Even If she looks pretty nice you should consider that Four Eyes is taking every beeing she can get to make her virologic experiments.


Last one is Spectre, real name: Vladimir Bodrovski.

According to his talent as a technician he was a troublemaker in the past, in Russia he had a conflict with authorities and so he had to flee, he found a home in Umbrella and is now trained in Security Surveillance and sniping. His equipment is outstanding, his display units enable him to see things no other can see, he is able to view through walls, thermo-related things and of course to control electromagnetical radiations. His part in the team is to explore and analyse the area before the whole delta team moves on.


And now let's talk about the game itself:

Operation Raccoon City, Story: After a breakout of umbrellas zombie virus Raccoon City is turning into a spot of fear and sorrow, the population is left over and the city is getting locked hermetic. With this many people have to fight their way through the city to escape from the zombies. And this is where delta team is thrown into the story, Umbrella is sending them to Raccoon city to stop the spread of the virus and to ensure that this happening will never reach the other side of the city. During the outbreak Umbrella is seeing this as a opportunity to test their new BOWs (bio organic weapons). The delta team has 2 contracts to furfill: To destroy any evidence that could lead to Umbrella and destroy their fame, and number two is to kill every authority inside the city: Raccoon City police officers, gouvernemt agents and S.T.A.R.S.  In the delta team each member has a certain function and with this the unit earns a lot of prestige and effectiveness.

Game trailers:

Reveal trailer

2nd Trailer

Nemesis Trailer