As Mass Effect 3 is coming up next March the spotlight is set on one of the most interesting characters in the Mass Effect universe, Thane Krios.Where does he come from, what is his character like, has he dreams or regrets and what is he wishing to see in the future ? We will see here !

First up let's check out the heritage of the unique Drell. The race of the Drell are from a dusty, rocky world called Rakhana, long time ago Rakhana was destroyed because of a fight concerning to ressources on the planet. After that the Hanar, another alien race, have braught the Drell they could save to their home planet, Kahje. Relating to the fact that there are certain enviromental differences beetween Rakhana and Kahje the Drell are biologically not used to the planet, with this they have to live in a giant city which has climate regulators in order to ensure they can live without any health problems. Despite this fact their health is still concerned at long range, which is causing the so called ''Kepral-Syndrom'', a disease which is spreading inside of the body until the full effect is shown. The Drell are very thankfull that the Hanar saved them, so they see it as an honor to serve their saviours.

As well as other Drells the parents of Thane Krios were also very thankfull and with this they decided to give Thane away to a Hanar family at the age of six to serve them. Thane was trained to be an assassin, after a few missions he met his wife Irikah, she born their son Koliath but got killed afterwards. Thane finds out that Irikah was killed by some persons related to a former assassination target. This persons told the Shadow Broker to kill Irikah to make revenge. With anger and sorrow Thane is killed everyone who was related to the kill of his wife, afterwards he was regreting his profession and his doings with it and doesn''t seem to have the will to live on.

Kranes' assassination techiques are unique, with special close combat-, biotic- and weaponry skills he is able to eliminate allmost every target, unusual to other assassins he is trying to get as close as possible to his target, maybe this is why he is claimed as the best assassin in the galaxy. Thane Krios is greek and means translated: cold death,which is fitting into his character.The Drell is very religious, he believes in 3 gods, Amonkira(god of the hunters), Arashu(god of the mothers and protection) and Kalahira( god of the sea and afterlife). Before every assassination Thane prays to Amonkira, that he shall have success with his hunt and afterwards he prays to Kalahira, to ensure that the victim had a good way to the afterlife and that Thanes' doing shall be forgiven.

The living in the young years has made Thane sick, he suffers from the Kepral-Syndrom. Until now there is no cure for his disease in the game, never the less a lot of threads and forums are trying to find a solvation for this problem, let's take a look at that. In fact there are groups and formations that are fascinated by Thane and his character, with this they are fixated on the cure of Thane to see their favourite character keep on going in the series. They try to persuade bioware from letting Thane live on by collecting supportive voices and opinions.

To view Thanes' detailed health status and his excact instruction on how to kill each race the most efficient read a new article from me in which I am according to this, just click here.

And now let us see some nice quotes from the world-known assassin, I picked some of my favourites:

''Amonkira, lord of hunters, grant that my hands be steady, my aim be true, and my feet swift. And should the worst case come to pass, grant me forgiveness.''

''I was chosen for this mission because killing is an art, and I am the master.''

''Only a few people get what they diserve, good or bad.''

''The law is only a defense against those who agree to be bound by it...we don't.''