The computer I use at home has been unuseable for a while due to a Trojan horse. I haven't had a lot to do, so to ease my boredom a little, I decided to replay a few of my DS games. One of them being Glory of Hercales. I came across this game about a year ago. With only two games in my collection, I was desperate for a new game. Going with my mom to a store, I saw two games on clearance. One of them was a volleyball game with a pink cover for about $2 (I wasn't that desperate) and Glory of Hercales for about $3. I thankfully was able to get my mom to buy it, and got to playing it right away once I got home. On the ride home, I peeled off several clearance tags that was on the plastic wrapping. It appeared to have been on clearance for an awful long time, dropping in price several times. I wondered if this game was going to be good, or really awful.

The story, surprisingly, takes place in a Greek setting (if the name didn't give it away). You play as a hero with amnesia that has washed up on a beach. It isn't too long before you find out that your an immortal and that your the legendary hero "Hercales." Along the way, you encounter other immortals on your journey to Mount Olympus to find out why you don't remember anything.

Besides having amnesia, the story seems to be pretty original. It was quite enjoyable the first time I played it, and sets itself apart from most other RPGs.

There are some other elements that makes it a little different from other RPGs as well. One of these elements is overkill. By doing a great amount of damage to an enemy after they are already dead, you can get ether (MP) back. Since attacks require MP (except for the standard one), it's helpful to get some MP back. The second is the ability to boost your attacks via a little stylus game. You can always just do auto, but by doing the little minigame, you can boost your attacks by quite a bit. A magic attack that would do just 100%, could do 170%.

Another good thing I saw from this game was that you didn't have to switch out any party members for another. You'll only have a max of 5 people in your party at one time. One of the things that bugs me about some RPGs is that I can't always use all my party members. I'll get to the limit of where I only use a certain set of characters, and if anyone else joins, I don't use them. I kind of feel bad for not using them, but I don't always like using them.

The music is decent in this game. I didn't really dread hearing a certain track. I enjoyed the battle music that the game had, sometimes pumping me up a little.

With most games, there are some bad things that they have as well. I can think of three.

1) No quick-travel. Stuck at a place with low health and in need to go back to a previous town/city quickly to heal with no random encounters? Too bad! You'll have to walk the whole way back. Along with no way to quickly go back to places, you can't go back to certain places as well once your done with that place, which brings up the second problem.

2) Very linear. For some people, this may not be a bad thing, but this may be for some. Once you finish with certain places, you move on, never usually going back to that back ever again. Always going along the path the creators want you to go.

3) No way of knowing your objective. You better have the ability to read and a good memory, because there's no way of checking what your suppose to do. I've also been to some places unsure of what to do next, leaving me the only option of wandering around, talking to people. I advise talking to people.

Score: 7.75

I feel like the game isn't quite an 8, but I think it doesn't deserve just a 7, with the fact that it has a story you don't always see in most RPGs.

Overall: I enjoyed the game the first time around, and I think it's still a good game. Comparing Glory of Hercales to a game like Final Fantasy would be like comparing a sapphire with a diamond. It's good, but not as good as when it comes to the great RPGs.

Recommendation: I wouldn't have bought this game if it was $20. I don't think it's the kind of game where you pay a large amount of money just to play it because it's so good. If, however, you happen to be in the game situation as I was, being desperate for a new game, and Glory of Hercales is one of those options on clearance with a bunch of unheard-of titles, I would recommend buying this. Even if it's around $10, I would recommend buying it.