For some people, they have fond memories of rescuing princesses, defeating mad scientists, blue hedgehogs, and many others. Me? I killed aliens and demons from hell.

With LucasArts closed and me finally getting the chance to play the full version of Hexen, I decided that I might write a blog. I need something to start with, so why not about the games I played when I was younger? I felt like I should even more after reading another person's blog about this past with games. So, here I go. My first blog.


I usually say that Doom and Marathon were my first games. They were, in a sense. They were what really got me into playing video games (and I remember them). Really, I wasn't even a year old before I started playing. My dad put me in front of a computer with a game on it. By pressing any key on the keyboard, a shape would appear on the screen and fly around. It wasn't really much, but that was my first game. Doom and Marathon came next at the age of three.

For those who have read my bio, you will know that my mom needed someone to do the shooting, and that I was the chosen for that spot. I was good at it. Eventually learned how to move. Nightmares were a result of playing M-rated games with aliens and demons, and the games were deleted. I'm not here to talk about Doom and Marathon for the thousandth time. What I am going to talk about is the many other games I played. Doom and Marathon weren't the only FPS games I played when I was younger. So here are some of them:

Damage Incorporated

One of the many FPS that I played beside Doom and Marathon, and one of the many that I played as a demo for quite a while. I didn't really have any allies in Doom, and although Marathon had Bob in M2 and M-INF and the M.A.D.D. in the original, getting to have marines on your team was pretty cool for me. You were also have to change out the ammo for some of your guns. You were able to shoot acid-filled bullets with the shotguns! How cool is that?! It was so cool when I got the full version of this (also got the full version of Prime Target at the same time). The box had marines shooting at people! I don't have the CD anymore (doubt it would play on Windows anyways). My dad got rid of it and the box, but I still have the memories, and the game was a lot of fun back then. I wouldn't mind playing it again if I could.

Prime Target

Another one of the great FPS that I remember playing, and the hardest to get my parents to get for me. Why? I didn't remember the title. All I could try to explain was the rats in the subway place. I managed to somehow get through to them eventually. This, along with Damage Incorporated (previously talked about) was eventually gotten as the full version. Before that, I had to play it as a demo. Strangely, I was able to play demos to death and not get bored of them. Instead of killing aliens, demons from hell, and terrorists (I think they were terrorists in Damage Inc.), I killed guys in suits, security guards, ninjas (ANNOYING BEYOND BELIEF. Scared me whenever they disappeared, because I never knew where they went), and many others. I think they were apart of some conspiracy. I don't remember. It's been years. Flamethrower was terrible in this game. I relied on my shotgun and machine gun to take down enemies. I still have the CD of the game (which is required to play), but I can't use it on Windows.

Star Wars Dark Forces

The number one Star Wars game that I remember fondly. I played the demo many times, with several of my cousins. It wasn't until my mom played the demo, realizing that it was just a demo (one level), she decided to buy it. That box was awesome as well. Fighting stormtroopers was just as fun as killing aliens and demons. I played the game many times. There was one place that scared me, though. It was the ice planet. Whenever I finished doing the mission, I had to go through this dark tunnel area, and there was this noise that kept being made. It didn't help me not being scared, when I knew those robot things with swords were in there with me! Not a good memory. One thing I did not know until several years later was that there was more to the story in Jedi Knight. I haven't gotten the chance to play it. Just went on Amazon a couple minutes ago and saw some of the stuff. Who knows. Maybe I can play another adventure with Kyle Katarn sometime...

Duke Nukem 3D

How many FPS did I play? Many. Don't worry, this one is short. I played it only as a demo. Did not take much notice of the women dancing (too naive to understand). I swear once, the game got deleted. Last time I played it. End of story.

Pillars of Garendall

Shooters weren't the only games I played. There were a couple games that I played that were made by Ambrosia. This was one of them. It was pretty fun, considering that most of the games I played were Sci-Fi. It was a fantasy game. Your kingdom was under attack by giants and sea beasts, and it was up to you to get the message out that they needed help. One thing that would have helped make this fun back when I played it would have been the ability to read. I did not read anything the game usually gave. It's probably why I stuck with FPS. Another helpful thing would have been direction. I did not know at one point where East was. I also got lost pretty easily if I didn't know where I was going. My least favorite part of the whole game was this certain cave. In it were these spiders. I usually died, because they swarmed me. Even when I got a high enough level, there were these blue humanoid things that attacked my mind. I died. Hate that cave. Hate it to this day.

Ferazel's Wand

Yet another game that I played as a demo at first. The difference? Not a shooter. It was a fantasy game, where you played as a wizard. My mom got the full version eventually with this game as well, and like always, I enjoyed playing it. I went through caves, forests, deserts, frost-covered caves, fiery areas, and a couple others. The sad thing? I never got to complete the game. I was able to reach the final boss (I think it was), but I wasn't good enough to beat it. I got close! I got to a dialogue point, but never past there! The game never worked on my dad's laptop, so it was eventually gotten rid of.



Another game by Ambrosia. I couldn't find a picture. It was kind of like Bomberman, but cooler for me. It had co-op, which provided lots of fun for me and my sisters. I usually was the last one alive for co-op, though.


What did I play for a fighting game? Squirrel Kombat. Why hasn't anyone made a modern sequel? :)

Pajama Sam

Man, this game was fun. It was an adventure game. It was a lot of fun for me. I thought he was so awesome. It's a shame I didn't have a lunchbox so I could play as him completely. I have the second game and Lost & Found CDs still. I refuse to get rid of them. I probably will have my children play it.


The final game I will be talking about. This is the one game that I played only as a demo, and wanted to play the rest. Like many games before, I thought it was cool, and I wanted to play more of it. It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that I found a rom file of Hexen for the Nintendo 64. I'm playing through it right now, finally getting to play everything that I missed. I don't have complete thoughts of it yet, but I'm sure once I've completed it, I'll make another blog with my thoughts on the game.


So, that's everything. I hope you enjoyed reading. I think I might like writing blogs. I'm sure I'll make more.