Call of Duty online is a free to play version of the popular series Call of Duty, the game features maps and weapons from both the Black Ops and Modern Warfare series of games.  The only catch is as of right now the game is only available to those in China.  The game was designed with that demographic in made, be made to tailor to their gaming trends and traits.  The game is filled with micro transactions not unlike the new downloadable camos seen in Black Ops 2 but allowing for a much more in depth level of customization.  The game is said to also feature a campaign but not much has been said about it.  This isn't the first time a "spin off" of the CoD series has been attempted, at one point there was planned a 3rd person CoD in space type spin off.  The game is said to have entered a beta in Jan. More information on CoD online can be found at these sites.

For a while there had been speculation that the next US entry in the CoD series would be titled Call of Duty: Ghosts, this was confirmed to be accurate not too terribly long ago.  It was also said that more information would be given at the next gen xbox reveal.  But it also says the game is coming in Nov, does this mean the next xbox will launching in Nov?  If you remember CoD 2 was the flagship launch title for the xbox 360 or one of them anyways.  The PS4 however hasn't said much more aside from "Holiday 2013" , does this mean that xbox is wanting to reveal last and launch first, it's very possible.   However as far as CoD: Ghosts go I'm really curious as to how the story will be handled since the character "Ghost" was actually killed in CoD: Modern Warfare 2, or will Ghosts just be the name of a new group of operators?  I would really love to see CoD step their game up by finally including a full fledged co-op campaign.  CoD's major competition Halo and Gears have both featured co-op campaigns for quite a while now, and don't get me wrong I love the CoD campaigns.  The set pieces are always over the top and get your heart racing with anticipation of what will happen next, but I can help but think every time I play one of the CoD campaigns how much fun it would be to actually tackle it co-op with a buddy.  While the prestige system is an awesome incentive to keep coming back to the multiplayer I would love to see some more mutliplayer focused achievements/trophies that weren't zombies or spec ops related.  Even with that being said I can't help but be excited for this years annual release.

I always think it's interesting to see exactly where a game developer draws inspiration for their games.  A few weeks ago I happened to stumble across this film on netflix and immediately thought of the mission Those! in Fallout 3 in which the player is tasked with fighting and destroying some giant, radioactive fire ants.  The similarities can not be denied, but alas just an interesting bit of trivia.

Sunday afternoon I got the chance to go catch the latest Iron Man flick, as usual Robert Downey Jr. delivers as Tony Stark.  Overall the film was really enjoyable, filled with some awesome action, and great laughs.  But as a fan of the comics I took great issue with the way the character of The Mandarin was handled.  And it wasn't Ben Kingsley's fault either, he was an awesome choice to play The Mandarin and performed the role as well as he could with what was written for him.  But the writers made his character into a joke and pretty much threw the character out the window.  The whole time, I was just kinda thinking, "Jesus..... and this is supposed to be Iron Man's archenemy..."  I felt it was embarrassing to have such an awesome character with such potential to be discarded in the way that he was.  But overall it was a very enjoyable flick.