Last week was known for some pretty big game releases, with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Brutal Legend. So on October 13 I picked up Uncharted 2 and Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. I kept myself occupied with Uncharted 2, which deserves every praise it got because that game is filled with amazing moments. We had to leave for our cabin on Thursday which is when I would decide to play Mario and Luigi 3.

So when Thursday rolled along I tore off the packaging it was wrapped in (I know I feel dumb for not even opening it but I was to occupied with Uncharted) and pushed that baby into my DSi. The other ones in the series I played and knew what to expect but I never expected to hold my attention like it did over that long break.

Time rolled along like if life was fast forwarded. I started playing it at 12:00 PM and after I finally put down the game and checked the time the clock said 9:00 PM. I know, that is freakishly long hours, for me at least but that game was just pure awesomeness.

Second day came and all I did was play that game, I put in another eight hours and still haven't beaten that game. Maybe I'm just slow at it but I didn't stop for nothing, my training consisted of just killing every enemy I see which I recommend you do if you get the game.

Finally on the third day with another nine hours and a final time of 25.7 hours in three days, I finally beat it, and let me say that game was the best DS game I have ever played. The final boss fight music was amazing and the zany, hilarious lines that the Mario, Luigi, and even Bowser say throughout the game made it just as memorable.

All I got to say is if you own a DS and need a game to hold you over till Golden Sun DS or till next month or year, then let this be it because this is a game that every DS owner should have.

Thanks for reading!