It’s no secret that Nintendo isn’t doing the best this year. From the prediction of Wii U units moved from 9 million to 2.8 million to the strikingly low sales of the Wii U library, Nintendo is losing popularity fast. Aside from the debateable power of the Wii U and the almost non existent marketing, one of the biggest complaints levelled at Nintendo is that they’re just rehashing games and using the same damn franchises again and again. And as much as I love Mario and Zelda, I have to agree that the brands are stagnating as of late.

So what could Nintendo do to turn this system around? Well, maybe they could start with utilizing some of their IPs not featuring an italian plumber, a pink puffball, pocket monsters, or a hylian hero. With a library of franchises as massive as Nintendo’s, there has to be a slew of interesting gems that could be brought back into the limelight to move units. As such, I am looking through the entire Nintendo library to see which franchises are worth a return on the Wii U. With that out of the way, lets get started.

Doshin the Giant

Last Game: 2002

Never heard of Doshin the Giant? Of course you haven’t, because it’s a Gamecube EU and Japan only God Game where you play as the titular Doshin the Giant help build a civilization. Doshin the Giant was an oddity of a game, feeling less like something by Nintendo and more like something ArtDink would make. Terraforming the environment could be made simple with the gamepad, letting you control Doshin’s swipes with precision instead of his lazy swipes from the Gamecube game.

Eternal Darkness

Last Game: 2002

Eternal Darkness is what happens when somebody sees the Psycho Mantis section of Metal Gear Solid and decides to make an entire game out of it. The game will fake having its data deleted, the TV turning off, and even wrestling control away from the player to put your character into harm’s way. Now that horror games have become mainstream again, it’s the perfect time for Eternal Darkness to once again terrify a whole new generation of gamers.

Mach Rider

Last Game: 1985

Now for the obligatory ‘game to attract the hardcore audience’. Mach Rider was a NES Shooter/Racer where you shot cars, oil slicks, and mysterious ‘bad guys’ named Quadrunners. A modern update or reboot of Mach Rider could use Mario Kart’s pure sense of speed and plenty weapons, set pieces, and missions to create an overall fun experience.


Wave Race

Last Game: 2001

Wave Race would be a game more focused on the tech of the wii than anything else. Like how Pilotwings Resort was a sort of ‘proof of concept’ for the graphical power of the 3DS, a new Wave Race could showcase just how powerful the Wii U really is. Similarly to how Super Mario Sunshine’s absolutely gorgeous water effects were able to convey the system’s power, a fancy set of reflections, glimmer, and waves for a Wii U entry in Wave Race wouldn’t hurt the system’s reputation in the slightest.


Last Game: 2006

A US release of Mother 3 is one of the biggest gaming in-jokes next to Half Life 3, Kingdom Hearts 3, and Sonic Adventure 3. Mother 3 has never been released outside of Japan, do to the game’s very low sales. That hasn’t stopped a very big and very dedicated group of fans from translating the entire game themselves for the internet to enjoy. It has one of the most vocal and rabid fanbases on the internet, a sequel for the Wii U would give RPG fans a concrete reason to get in to Mother 3.

Pokemon Snap

Yes, I know what I said at the start of this article about not wanting a Pokemon game on the Wii U, but this opportunity is too great to let slide. Pokemon Snap was a linear first person puzzle/shooter where you lured different Pokemon out in the open to take pictures of them. Of course, five entirely new regions of Pokemon have come out, giving more wildlife to explore and photograph than ever. It could make use of the Gamepad by having the wildlife on top, and the camera controlled by aiming the Gamepad with the Gyroscope controls. It would make good use of the console’s HD capabilities, as well as give Pokemon fans a reason to migrate to the Wii U.