When Playstation All-Stars came out, it was labeled as nothing more than a two-bit Super Smash Brothers ripoff. It’s true that this game shares many things with Nintendo’s fighting franchise, but which one is better? Today I will be looking over everything in the games and comparing them, before crowning an overall winner at the end.

Before you comment, you should know that I love both of these games. They’re excellent fighters and are one of the best games on their respective consoles. So with all of that out of the way, let’s start comparing.


Smash Bros: You have 35 different characters at your disposal, but sadly many of them are just palette swaps (Luigi, Toon Link, Wolf, Falco, Gannondorf, and Lucas come to mind). However, they’re all memorable and iconic characters, mixed in with a few obscure references.

Playstation Allstars: You only have 24 characters in this game, but there are is only one pallet swap (Evil Cole). Many of these are third-party, and it helps round out the roster. The downside is that the roster is overall smaller, and some of them feel out of place and awkward.

Winner: Smash Bros


Smash Bros: There are many stages in Smash Bros, and each of them are all based off of Nintendo franchises. Since stages are easier to make and balance than characters, stages from franchises not present in the roster. Animal Crossing, Pictochat, and even Elektroplankton get representation.

Playstation Allstars: Playstation All-stars isn’t focused on ring-outs, so the stages are more based on spectacle. However, halfway through every fight the stages change up and combine it with other franchises. For example, halfway through the Ratchet and Clank Metropolis stage, the Hydra from god of war busts in through the floor and they start attacking Captain Quark.

Winner: Playstion Allstars


Smash Bros: There are some legendary Nintendo tracks mixed in with some great remixes and a few original songs. Some stand outs include Dragon Roost Island, Fire Emblem Melee, Gangplank Galleon, Star Fox 64 theme, and Angel Island Zone. The game is just as fun to listen to as it is to play.

Playstation Allstars: The game starts out promising with the catchy Finale, but the rest of the original music in the game is pretty terrible. But, you do get remixes of many iconic video game songs for the respective levels. And, you get some fantastic five second remixes later on.

Winner: Smash Bros


Smash Bros: You unlock new characters, music, trophies, and stages. The stages and characters completely change gameplay, while trophies just offer more information about Nintendo’s universe and the music lets you listen to some of your favorite tunes.

Playstation Allstars: This is completely different. Instead of unlocking completely new features, you unlock new options to customize your characters. You get new outfits, victory celebrations, taunts, and avatars for your playercard. But sadly, they’re all just aesthetics.

Winner: Super Smash Brothers Brawl


Smash Bros: A very basic, 4 player combat setup for couch co-op. You can play either with friends or with strangers, but not a mix of both. The servers are also terrible, shutting down at random. It takes even longer to find matches, and chat is awkward. In fact, I just ignored most of Smash Bros’ online.

Playstation Allstars: The couch couch co-op is nearly identical to Smash Bros in almost every way. What’s really important is Playstation All Stars’ online.  For one, the servers actually work. You can play with friends and with strangers, and the chat is simple. You can heavily customize the matches, and the previously mentioned intros, costumes, and playercards make it so that even if you are all playing the same character everybody has their own identity.

Winner: Playstation Allstars


Smash Bros: There are many things to do in single player. First off, there is an enjoyable story mode that lets you unlock some of the characters and see their personalities play off of each other. You also have Event mode, where you can play matches that have their own fun scenarios and gimmicks built in. And to top it all off, you have Classic Mode as well.

Playstation Allstars: Outside of Classic mode, you barley have anything. You could do the mission mode, but they are nothing but tutorials for each character. It’s very disappointing, and is this game’s main flaw.

Winner: Smash Bros


Smash Bros: Besides the obvious joy of playing as your favorite characters on your favorite locations, you can unlock extra Nintendo content. You get some excellent remixes of classic Nintendo tracks to listen to, and the trophies give you interesting tidbits of Nintendo history.

Playstation Allstars: Beyond the stages and the characters, you will be hard pressed to find much. You can unlock emblems and minions based off of other Sony franchises, and the final boss is Sony’s planned mascot.

Winner: Smash Bros


Smash Bros: To win in Smash Bros, you will have to ring out your opponent. Every hit you land on them increases their knockback, so every hit matters. But the game’s balance is broken, with matches dominated by Meta Knight and cheap tricks like throwing people off cliffs as Donkey Kong or assisted suicide as Kirby.

Playstation Allstars: In Allstars, every single hit you land builds up your super meter. To get a point, you will have to kill somebody with a super move. Sometimes you lose parts of your super bar when you’re hit, so you will have to play both offensive and defensive. This eliminates ledge-camping and makes the game feel very balanced.

Winner: Playstation Allstars


Smash Bros: Super Smash Brothers Brawl is a game that oozes with content. Collecting everything will take a very long time, and with many stages and fighters you will never have a reason to turn the game in to Gamestop. While the online multiplayer is lacking and the game might not be very balanced, it’s always a riot with friends next to you on the couch.

Playstation Allstars: While it may not have much content, it’s a fantastic new IP with gameplay that surpasses Smash Bros by miles. However, it doesn’t have the same charm that its Nintendo inspiration does.

Overall Winner: Smash Bros Brawl