Yarr me harties! Today will be a day I spend in the oceans of Assassins Creed IV, engrossing myself in the pirate experience. Pirates are the swashbuckling icons who sail the seven seas and plunder towns for loot. They’re not in games as much as Ninjas are, but in my opinion, the leave a bigger impact. So without further ado, hoist the black flag and set sail, these are the Top 10 Pirates in Gaming.


10-Captain Syrup (Wario Land)

Captain Syrup premiered in Wario Land, and remained his arch-nemesis up until Wario Land 4. This greedy pirate inhabits just as much of a love for gold as Wario, and they constantly find themselves at odds over treasures. While her legacy has faded, she still remains as a large part of Wario’s adventures.


9-Scervo (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword)

Yes, Tetra and her crew certainty are charming and well developed characters. It’s too bad that they suck at their jobs. To find good pirates in the Zelda universe, look no further than Scervo, the robotic pirate captain in Skyward Sword. This robot skeleton provides one of the best one on one swordfights in the game, an experience the game seemed to be made for.


8-Gangplank (League of Legends)

Gangplank was the son of Vincent the Shadow, the most ruthless pirate in Bildgewater. Gangplank was trained by his father to be a backstabbing and ruthless swashbuckler who wants nothing more than gold. Gangplank’s training eventually came back to bite his father right in the chest. With his son’s own sword. Gangplank claimed the Dead Pool (unrelated to that mercenary), and was selected as the champion of Bildgewater, forever tormenting those who are unfortunate enough to step into his lane.


7-Vyse (Skies of Arcadia)

Vyse is the sky pirate hero of Skies of Arcadia and the captain of the airship Delphinus. He fights with twin swords and other bladed weapons. On top of that, he’s a good spirited teenager who defies the normal RPG brooding teen cliché. He’s fun to watch, fun to play as, and to top it all off, is the star of a very fun game


6-Cervantes (Soul Calibur)

Cervantes is the master of the Soul Edge and scrounge of the seas. Normally I talk about the story of the character, but the Soul Calibur fiction is so convoluted and broken that it’s not even worth trying. What I do know however is that Cervantes is one of the most fun characters to play as in the series. Too bad his past is a convoluted mess.


5-Guybrush Theepwood (Monkey Island)

Guybrush Theepwood is the mightiest pirate who ever sailed the seven seas. Well, actually, he’s kind of a wimp. He’s a quick-witted young man who really wants to be a pirate, but just isn’t ruthless enough. Imagine Jack Sparrow if Jack Sparrow wasn’t good at plundering or backstabbing. However, he’s charming enough to still make the cut.


4-Captain K.Rool (Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest)

King K. Rool has had some interesting costume changes throughout the years. From a king in the first game to a mad scientist in the third, the Kremlin King’s wardrobe knows no bounds. In this crocodile’s array of costumes is a nice pirate outfit and a blunderbuss. He may not look threatening, but this fiendish pirate even managed to take THE Donkey Kong prisoner.


3-Ridley (Metroid)

Sure, Ridley may not patrol the seven seas, but this space pirate could send the others on this list running for cover at just the sight of his maw. Ridley is the captain of the fearsome Space Pirates, an organization that has always been a thorn in Samus’ side. With a fearsome crew at his disposal, years of bloodshed under his belt, and an arsenal of awesome powers, Ridley is one of the most fearsome video game villains of all time.


2-Cortez (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

Cortez once ruled the seven seas with his cutlass in one hand and his hook as the other, but when he died his remains lingered to guard his treasure. When Mario challenged him, Cortez revealed his true form. He became a serpent-like being made of bone with four arms, each holding a weapon that could dice you to bits. Once you get the Sapphire Star and leave his tomb, he comes back to help you fight a common enemy.


1-Vaas (Far Cry 3)

Yeah, I know that this one could be seen coming from a mile away, but who else could I give this to? Vaas is everything a villain should be, not just in games. He’s clearly psychopathic and murderous, but he talks with a calm tone. His personalities shift so quickly it’s startling, and if you pointed that out to him he’d probably just kill you. I’ve never seen a villain this masterfully done since Heath Ledger played the Joker. Vaas alone was worth the 60 dollars I spent on this game, and easily is the best pirate in gaming history.