Pacific Rim has taken the geek world by storm, and for good reason. Giant Mechas fighting Kaijus with a huge budget and an actually good story? Count me in! So in honor of this movie, I will be talking about the Top 10 Mechs in gaming. The only rule to make these mechs qualify is that they are an advanced robotic vehicle that is piloted. As always, only one per franchise to stop this from being a metal gear list. Also, there will be massive spoilers for Sly 4 and Metal Gear Solid. So buckle up and grab your 200 dollar steel battalion controller, these are the Top 10 Mechs in Gaming


10-Granga (Star Fox 64)

Granga is the first boss of Star Fox 64, and he’s also one of the least awful. Yes, the bosses of Star Fox 64 are not very good ones, but at least Granga is tolerable. Granga’s fight is the game’s first demonstration of All-range-mode, and it does a spectacular job of showing the mode off. Swerving past Granga’s missiles and energy blasts is always one of the first things I think of whenever Star Fox 64 is mentioned.


9-Ride Armor (Megaman X)

The Ride Armor segments are some of the weirdest of Megaman X. Just the idea itself is insane. An android riding in an open-air mech that can punch robots once to kill them. However, the crazy idea has never stopped me from enjoying every time I get to take a spin in a Ride Armor.


8-Giant Death Robot (Civilization V)

Anybody who wants to conquer the world by force in Civilization V should have one of these on their side. While it does take uranium to build, Giant Death Robots are nearly unstoppable. They can move after they’ve attacked, and they can even take cities on single-handedly.


7-Magitek Armor (Final Fantasy VI)

While the rest of the mechs on this list are tech-based, the Magitek armor fuses both technology and magic together for a devastating effect. They fire magical beams and spells, but are piloted like traditional mechs. The heavy metal can protect them from most attacks, and the magic keeps them deadly. Overall, this is one of the most creative technological-magic fusions in all of fiction.


6-The Black Knight (Sly 4: Thieves in Time)

After Sly 3, Bentley settled down with his love interest Penelope. She went missing a few days before the events of Sly 4, which is what started the gang’s adventure. But when they arrived in Medieval Europe, the gang only found a Black Knight. It’s later revealed that this Black Knight is a mech suit invented and piloted by Penelope, who had become bitter with Sly’s thieving ways. The eventual showdown between her and Bentley is still one of my favorite moments of the franchise.


5-F6t Bigfoot (Sonic Adventure 2)

Working for GUN can’t be easy. You have to constantly fight off extra-terrestrial threats and mutated animals, so they needed a quick-and-easy solution to any threat. The F6t Bigfoot is the first boss of the hero campaign in Sonic Adventure 2, but it seems like he should be one of the last. Bigfoot uses heat-seeking missiles and a gatling gun to take down Sonic, but sadly it seems like it was weakened to make the boss easier.


4-Mantis (Halo 4)

Halo 4 may only have one new vehicle, but it was a great one. The Mantis is the UNSC’s newest mech suit, and it can change the tide of battle in a dramatic way. With a rocket launcher on one side and a chaingun on the other, if you’re in the crosshairs of a Mantis, you’re dead.


3-Glastonbury (No More Heroes II: Desperate Struggle)

Glastonbury is actually a character from Travis Touchdown’s favorite anime, but when Charlie MacDonald tried crushing Travis with his mech, Travis had a giant Glastonbury ready for the challenge. Glastonbury can shoot lasers, use a giant beam katana, and can shoot giant pink beams of death. Sadly, it was confiscated from Travis after the fight, never to be used again in the game.


2-Metal Gear REX (Metal Gear Solid)

Yes, REX is not number 1. It was a tossup between REX and the next one, and I’ll explain why the other mech got the edge in the next parahraph. REX was the first Metal Gear ever made, and it’s also (arguably) the most iconic. The Metal Gear Rex is not only a giant mech, but it also can fire nuclear missiles. So what can top that? Well, the answer’s simple. The most immersive mech of all time.


1-Vertical Tanks (Steel Battalion)

There has never been another game quite like Steel Battalion. You see, Steel Battalion is the only game where you really feel like you’re piloting a mech. To play the game, you need a $200 controller that has 40 buttons and two joysticks. This is a game basically fulfilled every single nerd’s fantasy of actually piloting a mech. So I can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the Vertical Tanks are the greatest mechs in not just video games, but in all of fiction.