My favorite genres out there are 3D Platformers, Stealth, and Strategy. I say that I love them all equally, but if you forced me to, I’d say that Strategy is my favorite. Whenever you succeed in a strategy game, you really feel accomplished. You didn’t win because of sheer luck or fast reflexes, you won because of your wits.


So to honor my favorite genre, I’m going to write about my favorites in each subgenre. From MOBAs to Tower Defense, I will be naming my favorites in no particular order. This time I’m going to cover Turn Based Strategy, but this will be an ongoing series for the entire month. Well, let’s get this show on the road.


Civilization V

The Civilization series has always been the go-to turn based strategy game, and the newest instalment is my favorite out of the entire series. Unlike the rest of the strategy games on this list, Civilization V isn’t about combat. It has combat, but your main focus is expanding your influence around the world.


Every game has its moments, both good and bad. From the time I was defeated by roaming barbarians while my troops were fighting off the Mongols, to my insane Trojan-horse victory against the Japanese, the possibilities are endless. Now if you excuse me, I have one more turn to get to.


X-Com: Enemy Unknown

How could I not put this game here? It’s only my 5th favorite game of all time as well as my favorite game of 2012. X-Com Enemy Unknown’s fantastic combat system is only matched by its amazingly tense choices. Every time you take a shot or shoot a satellite over a country, you’re making a choice that could potentially cost you the whole game.


To win, you really have to anticipate your opponent’s every move. Standing in a row and just shooting won’t do any good. You have to be able to really think on your feet and adapt, which makes every match thrilling. If you think you have a perfect strategy, you don’t. It will go wrong. It always does. And that’s what makes it fun.


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem is one of the greatest Nintendo franchises of all time, and any of the games could’ve made the list. However, I’m going to go with my first Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Sacred Stones has the usual Fire Emblem combat, which is always fun.


Every character has a distinct personality, and every character can die. Dead characters never come back, and unlike X-Com, nothing can replace them. Every loss really makes a difference, because every character is memorable. This is a strategy game I’d recommend not only to people who like strategy, but to people who like good stories as well.