Today on Project Smash, I will be covering stages yet again. As I mentioned before, I adore a good stage in Smash Bros. They can represent your favorite locations from games, and litter them with tons of cameos and fanservice. So today, i'm going to use my previous format to detail two more stages. Here they are.



Home to: Luigi
Availability: Unlock
How to unlock: Complete the challenge paranormal investigation
Size: Medium
Game: Luigi's mansion
Symbol: A boo

  The foyer is a medium sized map based off of the first room in luigi’s mansion. The stage has no cliffs and has a roof, so you must knock fighters off of the edge. You can jump on the stairs, the balcony, and the chandelier. The only way to reach the chandelier is when it falls, dealing damage to whoever is under it. When it falls, you can jump on top stand on top of it retracts back to the celling. The area is lighted by candles by the stairs that go out eventually. When they go out, the area is only illuminated by the thorns on the main door, but that isn’t enough to keep the ghosts out.


     Three types of ghosts will appear. Gold ghosts grab you, so you need to tap A rapidly to escape their grasps. Green ghosts toss banana peels, which act as normal banana peel items. And boos deal 5% damage, then disappear. One punch to any ghost will make them disappear. There can only be four ghosts on screen at once. Don’t worry, after 40 seconds the lights come back on, killing all the ghosts.

Moonlight mansion (Kirby and the amazing mirror)

Luigi's mansion third lap (Mario Kart DS)

Luigi's mansion (Luigi’s Mansion)

Lavender town (Pokemon blue/red)

Ghost house (Super Mario World)

Forever forest (Paper Mario)

King boo and bowser (Luigi’s mansion)

Boolossus battle (Luigi’s mansion)

Sirena beach (Super Mario sunshine)



Home to: King K.Rool
Availability: Unlock
How to unlock: Beat donkey kong as K. Rool 20 times, complete the swashbuckler challenge 
Size: Medium
Game: Donkey kong country
Symbol: A pirate hat

This stage is similar to the pirate ship stage from brawl. Gangplank galleon has 3 layers. The crows nest (3 1/2 bowsers wide), The upper deck (3 bowsers bigger than the pirate ship), and the lower deck (2 bowsers smaller than the pirate ship). The stage will occasionally be flooded, leaving only the crow's nest safe from the speedy current. The deck and crow's nest will be bombarded by cannons from pirate crab ships. Every once in awhile, 3 kremlins will attack. They could be knocked off the screen with a three hit combo. In the background, you can see DK island and that octopus from stormy shore.

Wario shipyard (Mario Kart 7)

Gangplank Galleon (Brawl)

Pirate land (Mario party 2)

Gloomy galleon (Donkey Kong 64)

Mainbrace mayham (Donkey kong country 2)