Two days ago, I wrote a blog about my roster for stages for Project SMASH. It was just a list of stages, but I couldn't end it there. Today i'm going in depth with two of the stages, listing their character, availability, music, size, series it's representing, its symbol, and the map description. So without further ado, let's get this started.



Home to: Mario
Availability: Default
Size: Small
Game: Mario Galaxy 
Symbol: Starship Mario

The planetoid takes place on a small planet, with a globe design. The entire sphere will have a gravitational pull all around, so to win, you must knock your opponent out of the pull, leaving them to fly into space. 50 seconds into the match, it will start to rain star bits. They do 10% damage each, and do no knock back. In the background you can see the good egg galaxy starting planet, starship mario, the comet observatory, the toad starship, the starting planet, the dino piranha planet, Megaleg, and Yoshi's house from yoshi star galaxy.


   The planetoid itself is grassy with small patches of dirt and some flowers. The planetoid slowly rotates clockwise, making the fighters be at different angles all the time. The background items also move, so there will only be 3 at a time on screen. After 50 seconds, they will go off screen revealing the next 3. The cycle continues from there.

Observatory (Mario galaxy)
Gusty garden galaxy (Mario galaxy)
Credits (Mario galaxy 2)
Space land (Mario Party 2)
Welcome to the galaxy (Mario galaxy)
Bowser battle (Mario galaxy)
Good egg galaxy (Mario galaxy)
Yoshi star galaxy (Mario galaxy 2)
Space junk galaxy (Mario galaxy)
Raphael the raven boss fight (Yoshi's island)
Outer Space (Super Paper Mario)
Buoy base galaxy (Mario galaxy)



Home to: Mii

Availability: Default

Size: Small

Game: Wii series

Symbol: A wii remote


      On this stage, you fight atop five hang gliders as they speeds around wuhu island. They are in a _-_-_ formation. They glide across wuhu, starting in the plaza and ending on wedge island. The temple, the beach, the windmills, everything is here. To spice it up a bit, certain hang gliders will shake, signaling that they will barrel roll, knocking off any fighters. The only stopping point is the sword fighting colloseum, which is small in size. It stays on the colloseium for 20 seconds.


Wii menu (Wii)

Mii plaza (Wii)

Find mii results (Street pass)

Title screen (Face raiders)

Maka WuHu (Mario kart 7)

Wii sports theme (Brawl)

Get in shape (Wii fit)

Board game island (Wii party)

Select a mii (Check mii out channel)

Charge! (Wii play)

Swordfight win (Wii sports resort)


Turbo Jet (Pilot Wings resort)