When making my Top 10 Video Game Vocal Songs blog, I was faced with a tough choice. There are so many great vocal songs in gaming that I decided to make another Top 10. Looking back on it, my top 3 should have made it onto my other list instead of the top 3 in the last, but I digress. Same rules as last time, no music games and one per franchise. Also, if I used that franchise in the other blog, I can’t use it here. With that out of the way, plug in your headphones and crank up the volume. These are the Top 10 OTHER Video Game Vocal Songs.


10-Theme of Deadpool (Marvel VS Capcom 3)

Unsurprisingly, Deadpool’s theme makes absolutely zero sense. It’s about going to school, not running inside of Deadpool’s house, and never eating while talking. The fact that they managed to put all of that into a rock song with a barely-intelligible singer just seals the deal.


9-Calling (The World Ends with You)

I’ve actually never played The World Ends with You, but while looking around the internet for video game music I stumbled across this song and instantly fell in love. The lyrics are simple, but they fit the upbeat nature of the song. No other song has actually made me want a game, so I have to put this on the list.


8-Finale (Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale)

I’ve gushed over Finale before, but it seems like the more I play Playstation Allstars: Battle Royale, the more I like this song. Finale’s lyrics may not be the best, but they fit in with the intro clip perfectly. Whenever I see the game, I find myself thinking about this song more than I do the actual game.


7-Who Do you Voodoo (Dead Island) 

[Explicit Warning]

The world has ended. People are dying left and right. So what does the rapper Sam B do? He takes a mic, a melee weapon, and starts rapping while kicking zombies in the face. Who Do you Voodoo is exactly what you’d expect, a crazy rap song about killing zombies.


6-Cling Clang, Go the Chains (League of Legends)

Thresh the Chain Warden is perhaps one of the most terrifying champions in league of legends. And because Riot Games decided that he wasn’t scary enough for their tastes, they gave him an ominous song sung by children. Trust me, it does this champion justice.


5-Alice is Dead (Alice is Dead)

Alice is Dead is a flash game that I don’t think many people have played. Which is a shame, because it’s fantastic. One of my favorite scenes is the Wonderland bar, and this song is why. This song is a haunting way of both retelling what you’ve already experienced and setting up the shocking ending.


4-Snake Eater (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

I love James Bond music. I also love Metal Gear Solid music. So when these two styles combine to make an epic conclusion to one of the greatest games ever made, I naturally fall in love with it. Snake Eater has that Goldfinger style beat and similar guitar riffs and mixes it with the emotional style of Calling into the Night. This song embodies everything Metal Gear Solid 3 did right, and leaves you satisfied with the experience.


3-The Poet and the Muse (Alan Wake)

The Old Gods of Asgard have performed for Remedy’s past games like Max Payne 2. I was never a big fan of their other songs, but The Poet and the Muse retells the story of Alan Wake in an amazing way. The powerful voice of the vocalist and the acoustic guitar captures the tone of the game, and the short guitar riff is a welcome addition. Just hearing this song makes me want to replay Alan Wake again.


2- Honor for All (Dishonored)

Honor for All is a fantastic way to send off Dishonored. After getting closure in the ending cutscene, this scene was basically a recap of the best parts of the game. It gave you a chance to reflect on the choices you made during the game, as well as think back to Corvo's overall storyline. The ending just wouldn't be the same without it.


1-Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Bioshock Infinite)

Bioshock Infinite was packed with amazing moments, but I think that one of the greatest has apparently gone unnoticed. When Booker and Elizibeth go into a bar in the slums, Elizibeth sees a guitar. He starts playing, and this fantastic version of Will the Circle Be Unbroken begins. Courtnee Draper killed it with the vocals, and hearing it again in the credits perfectly wrapped up the game’s themes and storyline.