You have no clue how happy I am for today. You see, a few months ago I put 'Project SMASH' into my upcoming projects section, and today I can finally unveil it. For two years, i've worked on character, trophy, and stage ideas for the next Smash Bros game. And since Nintendo has pulled the curtains on it's Smash Bros games, I will be posting updates on Project SMASH whenever I can while still updating my Top 10 Lists. Since I have the entire summer to myself, I will be updating this project for the coming months, and possibly into Spring if it doesn't all get posted in time.


Yes, it's that big. And since it is a huge project, I feel like I need to tell you exactly what you'll be getting. I will be doing character movesets for the 21 new characters i've envisioned, with 2 in one blog. (It was 22, but Nintendo stole my thunder and actually made Megaman a reality). Then, I will be covering all 34 stages, with three in one blog. And finally, it will end with one blog about the assist trophies.


So overall, there will be 25 blogs devoted to Project Smash, and I will upload 4 or so a week, if I can find time between Top 10s. and gaming to get these out. Tomorrow I will kick it off, so stay tuned for more future updates! 


And before I go, here is a sneak peak of some of the challengers i'll be highlighting in the next couple of weeks.

Tom nook