The past year has seen one of the weirdest trends in pop-culture history. Bows and arrows. Movies like the Hunger Games and Brave have been going strong alongside TV shows like Arrow. But by far, the weirdest contender was video games. Assassin’s Creed, Tomb Raider, Far Cry, Crysis, and Dishonored all had bowmen in leading roles. These ten characters are fantastic archers, and they will be ranked for their archery skill before their character, but character will be important. So draw the string and take aim, these are the Top 10 Archers in Gaming.


10-Thief (Castle Crashers)

When chasing the barbarians into the forest, the four knights meet up with a group of not-so-merry men. The thieves are some of the most common enemies in Castle Crashers, but also some of the most overlooked. They’re very fun to play as, but they’re even better archers. Everything the thieves do involves arrows. In fact, they can even call down a storm of stray arrows from the sky!


9-Zoya (Trine)

Trine is a game that I really wish got more love. It’s an action platformer that has some great warriors, including Zoya. Zoya can take shots from far away, but it takes her awhile to aim her arrow. But that’s ok, because Zoya’s arrows can knock you backwards a few feet. If you’re anywhere near a ledge, don’t be afraid of the bulky knight coming at you, fear the archer up on the cliff. She’ll kill you quicker, and even more painfully.


8-Medusa (Age of Mythology)

Medusa is by far, the most popular Greek Monster in pop-culture, thanks to Ray Harryhausen. If you don’t know, he was the man who created the unforgettable medusa archetype of a woman that has a snake lower torso and a bow. So when Age of Mythology decided to pay tribute to him, they did so in a fantastic way. Medusa can fire some powerful arrows in an ambush to turn the tide of the battle.


7-Connor (Assassin’s Creed III)

Connor is an expert game hunter, which translated well when he started hunting humans. He’s a silent stalker, patiently waiting for his prey to get into the perfect spot for him to drop them with an arrow. In fact, he’s so good with bows that their even more useful than guns in combat. While his arrows may not have any specialty, he doesn’t need it. All he needs is raw skill.


6-Archer (Chivalry: Medieval Warfare)

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare may have been a game I just bought a week ago, but I’ve instantly fallen in love with it. It’s mainly based around sworldplay, but an Archer is a must if you want to succeed in a team deathmatch. While the knights and vanguards duel in the center of the arena, Archers will use both crossbows and longbows to take out stragglers. They’re like vengeful gods on the battlefield, striking you down when you least expect it.


5-The Dragonborn (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

Dovakiin doesn’t have to be an archer, but you’d be crazy not to use bows. The Dragonborn can use many different bows, from enchanted elven hunting bows to powerful vampire-killing crossbows. The more Dovakiin uses his bows, the better he or her gets with them. Eventually, the Dragonborn can even go into bullet time and quickly fire arrows without having to sacrifice his or her aiming ability.


4-Jason Brody (Far Cry 3)

Far Cry 3 introduced a new type of weapon to the Far Cry franchise. Once Jason Brody gets his hands on a bow, the pirates may as well just pack up and go home. Sure, he does have normal arrows for stealth takedowns, but what fun is that? Jason can go Rambo on his opponents, firing explosive arrows or fire arrows to unleash some true anarchy. If you can master the angle, then you practically rule Rook Island.


3-Garret (Thief)

Here’s the funny thing about Garret. Garret isn’t recommended to use if you want to actually shoot arrows at your enemies. But if you want a tactical advantage, Garret’s your man. His arsenal includes noisemaker arrows, water arrows, normal arrows, rope arrows, vine arrows moss arrows, and even fire arrows! Green Arrow, you better be taking notes.


2-Prophet (Crysis 3)

Prophet has always been a character begging to use a bow. He’s a stealthy and agile warrior who could hide anywhere and pull off some great shots. So when we finally got to use a bow in Crysis 3, there was no use to ever use a gun for the rest of the game. If Prophet fires a bow while camouflaged, he can still stay invisible. So once the first arrow hits, you can continue shooting and moving without the enemy ever catching on. Also: he uses electric arrows.


1-Ashe (League of Legends)


You’re barreling down a lane in the Field of Justice. Enemy champions are fleeing from you, but you’re flashing to them. You start delivering a combo to your enemy, until something freezes you in place. A crystal arrow has flown across the field, fired by Ashe. Ashe is a master archer, with countless skills just like that. The crystal arrow is just one tool in her shed. She can shoot frost-tipped arrow, five arrows at once, and even an arrow that lets her magically see farther. She’s an impossible archer by very definition, making her the greatest archer in gaming.