Today is my Little Brother’s birthday, and this is one of my presents for him. When I showed it to him, he wanted me to put it up here for all of you to read as well. His favorite animal is the elephant, because “They’re nice.” So I’ve decided to find the elephants in games and let my brother pick his ten favorites, and even order them! So put on your safari hats and rev up the jeep, these are the Top 10 Elephants in gaming.


10-Zolephant (Kingdom Hearts 3D)

Zolephant is one of the first dream eaters you encounter in Kingdom Hearts 3D, and it is also my brother’s favorite. This dream monster takes the form of an elephant, which is quite fitting due to the fact that it’s stronger than most dream eaters.


9-Koalefant (Don’t Starve)

When you combine two cute things, you usually get something cuter. This is a great example of that. These creatures are half koala-half elephant, and all adorable. They peacefully lumber around the dangerous world of Don’t Starve, staying away from any hunters or other predators. They’re more fun to watch than hunt, so I’d recommend putting them in the zoo of your fortress.


8-Mammoth (Skyrim)

Yes, I know. Mammoths technically aren’t elephants. Well, my brother said that this mammoth is nice “elephant thing”, so it counts in my book. Mammoths are some of the scariest things in the game aside from giants. They will chase you down and gore you if you don’t have the proper ranged weapons. Basically, if you see one, run the other way.


7-Elephantaur (God of War: Ascension)

While the Elephantaur is the least ‘nice’ out of all of them, it is the most interesting. These creations are lumbering warriors that are half human and half elephant. They attack you with giant bone maces and their tusks, but the best part about them is that they’re a reference to Hindu mythology. Is that a hint for the next game?


6-Elephant Artillery (Medieval 2: Total War)

You know that you’re in trouble when your enemy charges you with a heavily armored elephant equipped with cannons. The Elephant Artillery is a comically overpowered unit, and just having one on the battlefield can create utter chaos. It can even go crazy and attack both sides during combat, making it the most entertaining unit to watch in the entire game.


5-Elekk (World of Warcraft)

Elekks are common targets of poachers, because their tusks are very valuable. But when they’re not being hunted, they’re used as Draenor war mounts. If you want to, you can actually own an Elekk for yourself if you buy it at the stable near Exodar.


4-Dizzy (Animal Crossing)

You may not know him by name, but Dizzy is one of Animal Crossing’s most iconic characters. This mellow elephant has appeared in every single Animal Crossing game, and represents player 2 in the Animal Crossing minigame in Nintendo Land. If you need an elephant for Animal Crossing, this is the guy.


3-Paozo (Megaman 9)

Concrete Man’s stage is filled with many odd traps, but Paozo is by far the most unique. Yes, Paozo is indeed a giant, blue robotic elephant that shoots crystal balls at you. They’re simple enemies to fight, but at least my brother thinks that they’re cute.


2-Ellie the Elephant (Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble)

Ellie is a unique mount in Donkey Kong Country 3, and it’s for the better. Ellie can shoot water at enemies and grab barrels from long distances with her trunk then throw them back. While she only appeared in a few levels, this elephant definitely memorable enough for my brother to call her the 2nd best video game elephant.


1-Phanphy (Pokemon)


Phanpy is an adorable and loveable pokemon who’s cute and deadly. It can learn devastating moves like Earthquake and Rock Smash while still not looking that imposing. In fact, it’s pokedex entries explain that Phanphy is a kind and playful elephant that’s a great companion to have. And really, neither me or my brother can think of a ‘nicer’ elephant.