With Batman Arkham Origins on the horizon, it’s only appropriate that there’s speculation about what assassins will be gunning for the caped crusader. Deadshot and Deathstroke have already been revealed, leaving only 6 left unannounced. So I’ve found 6 DC mercenaries and assassins that I really want to see appear in the game. So don your cowl and put on your utility belt, these are the Top 6 Assassins I Want in Arkham Origins.



The KGB needed somebody to deal with members of the Star Wars project in Gotham, so they sent the KGBeast. When Batman hung him by his hand, KGBeast just cut his own hand off with a hatchet. When he returned to terrorize Gotham, his new hand was a machine gun. I’d imagine you fighting him twice, and after the first he cuts off his hand until he comes back with his gun hand.


5-Lady Shiva

Lady Shiva is certainly an important assassin. She trained Sandra Cain (the second Batgirl), and Red Robin as well. She is a cutthroat who will kill you without saying a single word. Having a hand-to-hand showdown with her could be a great way to show some tie-ins to the rest of Batman lore and acknowledging the rest of the DC Universe.



Prometheus is basically the anti-Batman. His parents were criminals who were gunned down by the police in front of him, making him swear vengeance on the law. He is an equal to Batman and intellect and training, having defeated a huge portion of the justice league single-handedly before. In my opinion, if anybody deserves to be a final boss, it’s him.


3-Tommy Monaghan

Tommy Monaghan, better known as Hitman, is a DC anti-hero who works in Gotham city as a professional assassin. While Batman hasn’t fought him before, it would make sense for a younger Tommy to gun for the Bat. While he may not be a Batman character, he does fit in with the game’s theme.


2-William Cobb

The Talon is the defender of the Court of Owls who will do anything to keep his secret. He is fast, intelligent, and has both the skills and the wits to match Batman perfectly. He knows every secret of Gotham, and probably won’t be very happy that Batman is patrolling the night. He could be a fantastic choice for an assassin.




Ontomontopia may be a Green Arrow villain, but he has gone after Bruce a few times. The most interesting thing about Ontomontopia is that he will never say in a word that isn’t the noise of whatever he’s doing. A machine gun? Ratatatatatatata. A pistol? Bang. A punch? Pow. He’s been my most anticipated villain for the Arkham series ever since I discovered him over a year ago.