I’ve always been fascinated by Egypt. The moment I saw a picture of a pyramid, I was hooked. When I was younger I would go to a museum just because it had an exhibit on Egypt, I was that dedicated. But by far, the thing that interests me most about Egypt is their mummifications. Mummies apparently also interest game developers, because almost every fantasy game has them. So put on the wraps and rise from the grave, these are the top 10 mummies in gaming.


10-King Raymundo Rodiekhkare (The Sims 3)

Inside of the Pyramid of Burning Sands, you will find six treasure chests. Upon opening one, the late pharaoh climbs out of his sarcophagus to fight you. If you’re good enough at martial arts, you can defeat him in hand to hand combat and take the spoils for yourself. 


9-Dark Mummy (Terraria)

Once you defeat what appears to be the final boss of Terraria, new monsters and bosses start appearing. One of these enemies is a mummy who will fight you in the desert. But if you allow the desert to be corrupted, these beasts will appear. They are faster than the average mummy, and much more powerful too. If you are caught in a corner with them, it will be tough to survive.


8-Mummipokey (New Super Mario Bros)

Practically every second world in Mario games is based off of a desert, but very few actually have mummies. New Super Mario Bros was the first to break that trend, and include a mummified pokey as the second boss. Mummipokey will rise out of the ground to attack you, so you must jump on his head 3 times if you want to defeat him. He was an easy boss, but at least he was memorable.


7-Amunu (League of Legends)

One day, Amunu woke up and forgot everything. The only thing that he knew is that he was a mummy and missed his parents, whoever they were. He traveled across the desert searching for answers, but has received none. He was invited to join the League so that he could have happiness, and he obviously accepted. He still doesn’t know who his parents are, but at least he is happier now.


6-Dusclops (Pokemon)

When Duskull reaches level 37, he turns from a haunted lamp into a mummy. According to its Pokedex entries, it eats by consuming things into a black hole. Anything that touches its ‘mouth’ is completely devoured, and never returns. However, the scariest thing about it so far is that if you look inside of a Dusclops, your soul is stolen. Seriously. Look at the Soul Silver Pokedex entry.


5-King Sandybutt (Banjo-Kazooie)

Once upon a time, the king ruled Gobi valley in the mortal realm. But after his death, he was reborn as a Mum-mum inside of his pyramid. He insults Banjo and Kazooie while they are searching for the Jiggy in his pyramid, but curiously enough he isn’t even in his own throne room. To this day, the whereabouts of Sandybutt are unknown, but some theorize that one of the Mum-mums in the pyramid is the king himself.


4-The Gidbo Father (The Legend of Zelda: Mojara’s Mask)

The father used to research Gibdos (Zelda’s mummies) back in his laboratory, until he decided to look inside of the Ikana Well. He was cursed by the Gibdos, and slowly became a Gibdo. His daughter locked him in the closet so that he couldn’t attack her, but Link foolishly opens the door anyways. However, he plays the song of healing and turns him back into a Hylian again. He is then happy to explain Gibdos to link and help him on the quest to the Stone Tower Temple.


3-Pharoh Man (Mega Man 4)

Pharoh Man was an interesting robot master. He was created just for robbing pyramids, who was also outfitted with a laser beam for some reason. He’s based off of Tutankahman, and it shows with the mask. He is defeated by using the Flash Stopper, which makes him take extra damage.


2-Anakaris (Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors)

When the boy pharaoh Anakaris died, he was placed in his holy pyramid. 5,000 years later, he came back to life to fight Pyron. With heavy strikes, Anakaris successfully pummeled Pyron and traveled back in time to be with his subjects. Anarkis was apparently so good that he even appeared in Marvel vs Capcom 2!


1-Chuck (Decap Attack)

A long time ago, Frank N Stien brought Chuck D Head back to life. His task was simple: vanquish Max D Cap and free the islands that he captured. Chuck attacks by tossing his skull at people frantically and jumping on them like an undead Mario. He’s a true hero, and the only mummy deserving the number 1 spot.