Since I talked about rabbits already, I thought that it would be a good excuse to talk about my favorite animal species, turtles. I don’t know why, but I find turtles amazingly cute. Maybe it’s their shyness, maybe it’s their shells, and maybe it’s because they can live much longer than we can. Whatever it is, I love these little guys. May games feature these animals, so today I will be counting down the ten best in gaming. And no, the ninja turtles won’t be on here. Anyways, let’s dive in.


10-Physics Defying Turtle (Crysis)

In the first Crysis, you can pick animals up and throw them. One of those many animals is the turtle, who somehow won’t take fall damage when they land. So you can toss these turtles around the island without a care in the world, all while watching them hilariously fly and then land perfectly.


9-Giant Tortoise (Far Cry 3)

When Far Cry 3 opened up, I became an animal killing machine. Dogs, tigers, komodo dragons, bears, rare birds; I destroyed them all and took their skins without a second thought. But then I saw the Giant Tortoise. These gentle giants just sort of walk around the Rook islands and hide in their shell. Yes, they were saved by adorableness. I bet those tigers are regretting not having a shell today.


8-The Great Bay Turtle (The Legend of Zelda: Mojara’s Mask)

When Link needs to get to the Great Bay Temple, the only thing that can transport him is a turtle with an island on its back. This turtle may have a minor appearance, but he left a big enough impact to be part of the Great Bay in Super Smash Brothers Melee.


7-The Mock Turtle (American McGee’s Alice)

Let me just say it. I love American McGee’s Alice. The gameplay is passable, but the atmosphere and storytelling are top-notch. Anybody who has read the book knows about the Mock Turtle and his feud with the Dutchess, which was faithfully re-created in the game. However, his quest doesn’t end there. He shows up for a quick cameo in the sequel.


6-Tiptup (Diddy Kong Racing)

This clumsy turtle made his first appearance in Rare’s hit kart racer for the N64 as one of the main characters, but he also got a role as a side character in Banjo-Kazooie where he led a chorus of singing turtles. When you find him again in Banjo-Tooie, he now has an unborn son named Tiptup Jr. who you help hatch.


5-Helmet Turtle (Kingdom of Loathing)

Kingdom of Loathing is one of my favorite MMO games ever. It is fun to play, but the main draw is its wicked sense of humor. One of the classes is named Turtle Tamer, and you start off with a helmet. Turns out that this helmet is a living turtle. Nothing can harm this turtle, so he routinely saves your head from obliteration.


4-Bentley (Sly Cooper)

While other turtles on this list aren’t placed in a starring role, Bentley is the sole reason Sly Cooper is still alive. He’s always been the brains of the team, plotting their heists and occasionally going out on the field. However, his character-defining moment was when he paralyzed from the waist-down by Clock La. But instead of moping, he built himself a high-tech wheelchair that would let him get right back in the game.


3-Koops (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door)

Out of all the Koopas I could pick for this list, I decided to go with the one who had the most character development. When you first find him, he’s a clumsy and shy Koopa who wanted to talk to Mario. But when he actually got the chance, his shyness overcame him and he ran off. But before Mario could leave for Hooktail Castle, Koops approached him and told him that he wanted to join his party and avenge his dead father who was ‘killed’ by Hooktail. After rescuing his father from the dragon’s stomach, he decided to stay with Mario and become stronger than ever before.


2-Tortimer (Animal Crossing)

Tortimer is the mayor of your town who combines every stereotype of the elderly into one grouchy old man in a half-shell. Whenever an event is happening, he will stand outside and explain the rules to you or hand out a gift. But in the newest game, he’s just a retired old man who gives you tours around an island that’s conveniently named after him.


1-Squirtle (Pokemon)

Dawwwwwwww. This turtle is both adorable and a formidable fighter. But not only that, he’s also the king of cool. His pokedex number is 007, he owns his own shop, and he wears shades in the anime. However, the best part by far is that he’s a very loyal companion. He will fight by you to the very end, no matter the costs. And after a long fight, you can continue walking around with the fearless turtle that has a heart of gold.


Well, those are my Top 10 Turtles in Gaming! Thanks for reading, and please tell me if there are any legendary game turtles I forgot.