One of the most important parts of gothic architecture were the Gargoyles. They traditionally were used to keep evil away from houses, but these days Gargoyles are famous for a completely different reason. After the rather dark Disney cartoon, Gargoyles, these winged statues were found in games more often. But instead of just being statues, they had life to them and would usually be an obstacle to you during your adventure. Today I will look at the very greatest Gargoyles and crown the best Gargoyle in gaming history.


10-Deathgoyles (Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones)

Deathgoyles are powerful and fast-strike beasts that show no mercy, and even less order. They hit hard with their lances, but a good blast of magic can end them. So to survive, they must perform hit-and-run tactics, something that the AI sadly doesn’t do much. However, if you are unprepared they will certainly live up to their names.


9-Gargoyle Knight (Kingdom Hearts II)

Gargoyle Knight KHII.png

While walking around Gargoyle statues, you may be unlucky enough to stumble across one of these. But unlike the other Gargoyles, these ones can’t leave their pedestal. They take the pedestals with them. Gargyole warriors use axes, but I prefer the knight’s and their swords. The reason why they aren’t any higher is that these aren’t actual Gargoyles, just statues possessed by a Possessor Heartless.


8-Gargoyle Sentinel (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

While Gargoyles don’t appear in the main game, the expansion pack Dawnguard adds these beasty antagonists. They regain health if they hit you with their claws, so the best thing to do is scream while firing the crossbow at it, praying that it doesn’t get close enough to decimate you. But if you ally with the vampires, you can actually summon the weaker Gargoyles.


7-The Gargoyle (Conker’s Bad Fur Day)


This rocky beast is the only thing standing between Conker and the hub world. So what does Conker do? He smacks it with a frying pan. The Gargoyle starts laughing, but then realizes that he’s losing balance and falls off the bridge to meet his watery grave.


6-Garth Goyle (Dragon Quest IX)

After a stonecutter named Mason created a perfect replica of Zere, he realized that he wouldn’t live long enough to protect it. So he blessed Garth Goyle with his magic Fygg and brought it to life. When you go to retrieve the Fygg, you discover that Garth Goyle isn’t going down without a fight. However, he was one of the easiest bosses in the game. But even though Garth fell quickly, he’s one of the most memorable boss fights in the game.


5-Gaibon (Super Castlevania IV)

Gaibon is one of Dracula’s closest assistants as well as a recurring enemy in the Castlevania franchise. He can be seen flying around Dracula’s castle to get rid of any pesky vampire hunters who wish to kill his master. With deadly claws and fire breath, don’t count on him being a simple foe to take down. He also fights alongside Slogra, making encounters with him even trickier.


4-Belfry Gargoyles (Dark Souls)

After reaching the top of the church in Undead Parish, you encounter the Belfry Gargoyles. If you aren’t prepared, they will kill you almost instantly. They swing around their halberds, bash with their shields, breath fire, and hit you with their tail axes. You can actually take the tail for yourself if you’re crafty, but either way they’ll drop the halberd.


3-Gailo (League of Legends)

A craftsman named Durand was going to travel across the land, but he needed something to protect his city, Demaiac. So he created Gailo, a gargoyle who must protect his master and his homeland. But he couldn’t stop assassins from killing Durand, so Gailo fell into a deep depression. But years later, he saw a little girl walking to Demacia and decided that he must still protect Demacia. So he joined the league to battle for his home and his master.


2-Gargos (Killer Instinct 2)

Gargos was a bold young man who wanted to live forever. He challenged the Greek Gods in combat, and somehow defeated them all. The gods granted him his wish, but at a price. He was transformed into a Gargoyle, and was sealed away for 1000 years. However, people believed that if you release him, you can control him. It turned out that was false. He is an unpredictable warlord who earns his spot as the final boss of Killer Instinct 2.


1-Firebrand (Demon’s Crest)

Firebrand is a proud warrior of the Red Arrmers, a race of powerful Gargoyles. He is well respected amongst his peers as well as Astaroth, and for a very good reason. He’s cut through hordes of demons, zombies, dragons, and even the king of destruction. He uses his claws, skull, fire breath, and magic to get what he wants, and nobody can stop him.