Happy Earth Day! Today is the day where we honor nature and all that it has given us. But ‘Top 10 Nature Things in Gaming’ would be a boring list, so I decided to go with my favorite plant out there. The tree. Trees are some of the most magnificent things on the planet. They tower above us and provide us shelter, so I think it’s time for me to return the favor. Take a hiking stick and a good pair of shoes, it’s time for a nature walk.


10-Bells Tree (Animal Crossing)

Some people say that money doesn’t grow on trees. Those people are wrong. This economy-destroying tree is created when you bury money into the daily shiny spot, or just bury money with a golden shovel. Once they’re fully grown, just shake them and watch the bells fall!


9-Tree of Wisdom (Plants VS Zombies)

The Tree of Wisdom is practically Gamefaqs, but with bark. Every time you make him grow taller, he gives you a tip. These range from simple strategies to cheat codes, but they are all useful. He can even be grown to over 1000 feet tall, making him the tallest tree by far on the list.


8-Super Happy Tree (Yoshi’s Story)

Yoshi’s Story is quite an adorable game, and nowhere is that more apparent than the Super Happy Tree. This tree provides all the happiness on Yoshi’s Island, as well as all the fruit. Baby Bowser steals the tree for his own selfish needs, but the Yoshis eventually recover it and restore happiness to the island.


7-Gnarl (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion)

Unlike the trees above, this tree would rather murder you than help you out. Gnarls roam the countryside of the Shivering Isles, killing anybody who comes near their burrows. They are masters of magic and can resist most elemental attacks you throw at them. In fact, they ever have a spell that can stop you from casting all together!


6-Treeguard (Don’t Starve)

In Don’t Starve, you need to cut down trees for wood. Treeguards won’t take any of that. The second you hit one of these with your axe it will spring from the ground and go on a rampage. If you don’t have armor, they can and will kill you with a single stomp. But by far, the scariest thing about them is that there is no way to identify them from other evergreens until it’s too late.


5-Mokujin (Tekken 3)

Ok, I know that Mokujin doesn’t technically count as a tree, but he’s made of wood and once was an oak, so I can get away with this. Mokujin is a living training dummy who wants to fight warriors to make them stronger. He will do so by kicking the snot out of them and becoming the greatest fighter in the world. He even met a female Mokujin and has little Mokujin children!


4-Sudowoodo (Pokemon Gold and Silver)

While Sudowoodo may not be an actual tree, they take the appearance of a tree and act like a tree, so I’ll just call it a tree. This rock type likes to blend in with the forest, and can halt the progress of trainers wanting to just walk down a path. The main thing separating them from trees is that they are terrified of water, for contact would be super-effective. But sadly for Sudowoodo, his camouflage fails once Winter rolls around, as he still has his green leaves.


3-Harold (Fallout 3)

When Harold turned 5, the Great War began. He was locked in Vault 29, and was sent out by the supercomputer controlling it to ‘scout the outside world’. While traveling, Harold discovered that he was slowly turning into a tree. When he was discovered, he was believed to be a god and worshipped by his cult. After meeting the Lone Wanderer, Harold finally accepted his state and came to peace with himself as a tree.


2-The Great Deku Tree (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

The Great Deku Tree has an important part to play in Link’s journey. Our Heroes’ first real adventure is inside the hollowed-out body of the god to slay a monster that is tormenting him. But even though Link succeeds in defeating the beast, The Great Deku Tree dies anyway. This event begins Link’s quest to save the world from destruction and kill Ganondorf.


1-Whispy Woods (Kirby)

While the Whispy Woods is a complete pushover, he’s appeared in More Kirby games than even Meta-Knight or King Dedede! This giant apple tree can fire apples from its branches and fire powerful gusts of wind to knock Kirby away from him. However, in the anime, we can see Whispy’s true colors. He is a wise ruler of the forest who has outsmarted King Dedede to save himself from being turned into lumber.