As any nerd worth his Starfleet Assignment Patch knows that space is the perfect setting for science fiction stories. It’s vast, undiscovered, and it has many different planets with different ecosystems and atmospheres. But how can you explore space without a good ship? These ten ships have traveled thought the cosmos and have visited many planets. But these ten are the best of the best. Only one per franchise, and only from games I’ve played. So suit up and ready the plasma torpedoes, these are the Top 10 Spaceships in gaming.


10-The Wolfen (Star Fox Assault)

Star Fox is a series all about spaceships shooting at each other, so how could I write a list about spaceships without at least mentioning Star Fox. And as you have probably guessed by now, my favorite ship in the franchise is Star Fox Assault’s version of Wolf’s ship, the Wolfen. Not only is Wolf an eye-patch wearing rival to fox, he also pilots an overpowered spaceship that is faster and stronger than the Arwing.


9-The Torus (FTL: Faster than Light)

FTL: Faster than Light is a fantastic and sadly overlooked game you need to play. The premise is simple: pilot a spaceship around the galaxy and partake in randomized events. There are many spaceships on display, but out of the ones I’ve unlocked my favorite is the Engi ship, The Torus. This ship only has an Ion Cannon which disables enemy systems, but it makes up for it with offensive drones that can be use the distractions as an advantage. Taking down the shields with a single Ion blast, letting the drone blast away at the cockpit is always satisfying.


8-Starship Mario (Super Mario Galaxy 2)

In a game called Super Mario Galaxy, you know that there has to be at least one ship in it. Well sadly, there were many more than that. And it ultimately became a contest between the Starshroom and Starship Mario, but the flying Mario head won out in the end. While it has no offensive capabilities, Starship Mario lands at number 8 because it is a giant Mario head. There are no other words to describe this ship other than intergalactic flying giant Mario head, and that earns ‘awesome’ points in my book.


7-Subspace Gunship (Super Smash Brothers Brawl)

Super Smash Brothers Brawl may not be the best in the franchise, but it does have undeniably one of the best story modes in any fighting game. An army from another world is attacking, and it’s up to iconic Nintendo characters to save the day. The invasion is spearheaded by the Subspace Gunship; a massive battleship that is equipped with millions of laser turrets and a huge gun that rips holes in the very fabric of reality. But its defense is lacking, as one hit from Kirby’s Warp Star destroys the thing. Oh well, at least it looked cool.


6-Mothership Zeta (Fallout 3)

In the 1600’s, Zeta began observing humans and abducting them for science. Flash forward to 2277 and The Lone Wanderer is abducted by the aliens. Bad move. The Lone Wanderer seized control of Zeta and defeated the alien menace. But let’s focus on the ship itself, which is impressive to say the least. The ship’s only way of attack is The Death Ray, which does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Kill everything. But if you don’t want to obliterate entire cities, you can explore the huge mothership and visit one of its many science stations. This ship has something for everyone.


5-Samus’ Gunship (Super Metroid)

Samus has had many different spaceships before, but the best and most iconic is the one that appears in Super Metroid. This ship has anti-gravity engines which let it easily travel through different atmospheres. It is also filled with high-tech scanning devices for analyzing a planet before landing. It doesn’t have any offensive capabilities, but it would be unnecessary for an exploration-based ship. Leave the attacking to Samus herself.


4-Vic Viper (Gradius)

You may not know the name, but everybody who has ever stepped foot in an arcade knows the Vic Viper. This iconic starfighter is most famous for being the hero of Gradius, Konami’s legendary space shooter. This ship can fire tons of weapons, including lasers, missiles, bombs, torpedoes, mines, short range blasts of fire, armor piercing bullets, and homing balls of death. Even with such a huge arsenal, the Vic Viper still looks sleek in simple. Truly, a marvel in engineering.


3-The SSV Normandy (Mass Effect)

Commander Shepard is a space hero of epic proportions, so he needs an equally stunning ship. Enter The Normandy; an Alliance frigate that is the closest thing you will ever see to the Enterprise in gaming. It has weapons, stealth systems, shields, and many rooms with awesome chairs for the captain. However, I feel that the main thing that made this ship memorable were the characters, which is why it only got number 3.


2-Final Fortress (Sonic Heroes)

I bet you weren’t expecting this one! In Sonic Heroes, Sonic and his pals squared off against Doctor Robotnik and Metal Sonic on top of this flying weapon of mass destruction. Eggman’s flagship leads the Eggfleet with an iron grip, and for good reasons. It is equipped with many weapons and death traps, as well as housing all of the badinks. It even got its own stage in Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing!


1-The Halberd (Kirby Super Star)

Bet you weren’t expecting this either, were you? Meta Knight’s gunship soars through sky and space with ease, conquering all it finds. It’s so iconic that it even represented the Kirby series in Super Smash Brothers Brawl! But it’s not just a powerhouse, it also is Meta Knight’s main base of operations and it houses his army. This is like a swiss-army knife of awesome, but with a giant Meta-Knight mask at the helm. And with all that, how could I give it to any other ship?