This will be a long-running franchise I will continue in 31/31 2. What? 31/31 2? Yeah, starting in January I will be kicking off part 2 of my 31/31 series, with more days and more blogs. With that out the way, let me make something clear. This is not a worst-to best or best-to-worst list. These are in the exact order I thought of them. Also, only one per game. So without further ado...


101-Throwback galaxy (Mario galaxy 2)

100-Fort frolic (Bioshock)

99-Three leaf clover (GTA: IV)

98-The milkman conspiracy (Psychonauts)

97-All ghillied up (COD 4: Modern warefare)

96-Of glitz and glory (Paper Mario: The thousand year door)

95-No more music? The last hope! (Elite beat agents)

94-Weathercontrol (Megaman X2)

93-Facillity (Goldeneye)

92-Gremlin village (Epic mickey)

91-We don’t go to ravenholm (Half life 2)

90-Shy guy’s toybox (Paper Mario)

89-Stormy shore (Donkey kong country returns)

88-The covenant (Halo 3)

87-Collossus (God of war)

86-Accidents happen (Elder scrolls IV)

85-Wedding crash (Castle crashers)

84-Ricco harbor (Mario sunshine)

83-Tick tock clock (Mario 64)

82-The great maze (Smash bros brawl)

81-Haloween town (Kingdom hearts)

80-Scarecrow Segments (Batman: Arkham City)

79-A Performance to Die for (Assassins Creed III)

78-Curtains Down (Hitman: Blood Money)