Some of the best consoles have some of the best games. These are the best of SNES, N64, and Gamecube. So tonight, I will be counting down the top 25 of each system. These are all opinions, but I strongly recommend to check out each one, especially the Gamecube ones. Seriously, Gamecube is under-rated. 



25-Donkey kong 64

24-Megaman 64

23-Pokemon snap

22-Diddy kong racing

21-Pokemon stadium

20-Kirby 64

19-Mario tennis

18-F-zero X

17-Excitebike 64

16-Jet force gemini

15-Rayman 2

14-Tony hawk’s pro skater 2

13-Resident evil 2

12-Super smash bros

11-Mario kart 64

10-Goldeneye 007

9-Tony hawk’s pro skater 3

8-Mojara’s mask

7-Banjo tooie

6-Coker’s Bad fur day

5-Perfect dark

4-Ocaraina of time

3-Paper mario

2-Mario 64




25-The Adventures of Batman and Robin

24-Megaman 7

23-Final fantasy II

22-Star Fox

21-Super Mario Kart

20-TMNT IV: Turtles in Time

19-Contra III

18-Street Fighter II: Turbo

17-Act Raiser

16- Donkey Kong Country 3

15-Legend of the Mystical Ninja

14-Secret of Mana

13-Super Castlevania IV

12-Donkey Kong Country

11-Super Mario All-Stars

10-Donkey Kong Country 2

9-Megaman X


7-Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island

6-Super Mario RPG

5-Chrono Trigger

4-Super Mario World

3-Final Fantasy III

2-A Link to the Past

1-Super Metroid



25-Star wars: Rouge squadron

24-Soul caliber II

23-Pokemon stadium

22-Spiderman 2

21-Pokemon Coliseum

20-Billy hatcher and the giant egg

19-Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes

18-Viewtful Joe

17-Metroid Prime 2: EChoes

16-Battalion Wars

15-Mario kart double dash

14-Luigi’s mansion

13-Resident Evil

12-Pikmin 2

11-Eternal Darkness

10-Animal crossing

9-Pokemon DX: Gale of darkness


7-Metroid prime

6-Resident evil 4

5-Super smash brothers melee

4-Ocaraina of time/Masters quest

3-Paper Mario: The thousand year door

2-Super mario sunshine

1-The wind waker