I love video game music. If you find me alone in my room some days, you have a high chance of finding me playing a game with the sound off and my headsets on rocking out to 16 bit tunes. However, today I am here today to talk about songs that are more traditional. These songs have vocal elements and are usually played for atmospheric effect or to set the tone of the game. I am going to lay out some ground rules first. The songs must have been made for the game, so no Tony Hawk or Guitar Hero. Also, only one per franchise so that Sonic doesn’t dominate the list. Also, some of these songs have swears and morbid themes. Let’s get started.


10-Sloprano (Conker’s bad fur day)

   Yeah, that just happened. Out of nowhere, this song just appears in the third boss fight and it sets the tone of the entire game. As random as it is, it feels totally appropriate for the game and feels like something that you would find in an episode of South Park. It is so unique that it had to be on this list.  


9-There’s a zombie on my lawn (Plants VS Zombies)

  Like the previous song, this song is just so wonderfully weird and fun that you can’t help but love it. It tells you everything you need to know about the game. There are zombies. Plants kill zombies to stop them from eating your brains. This song was perfect for the game’s preview in 2009, and it sold me on this gem.


8-Johnny No More (Rising Zan: Samurai Gunman)


  RISING ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! SAMURAI GUNMANNNNN! Seriously, those might be the best lines of any video game song ever. The song is both catchy and silly, just like the game itself. It establishes the spaghetti western mood perfectly, and feels like an old country song that a group of cowboys would sing around the campfire.


7-Simple and Clean (Kingdom hearts)

   This song has such a great beat that it deserves to be on any video game music list just for the rhythm. However, the lyrics are what make it so good. It is very Japanese and upbeat, but it has a melancholy undertone that is always found in these games. The song always puts me in a good mood, and I can listen to it for hours.


6-Room of Angel (Silent hill: The room)


   This was that morbid song. The song is about a daughter whose mother dies, and she despised her so much that she doesn’t even care. It is a fitting song for the dark franchise, and everything about it is depressing. The vocalist is great,


5-Still Alive (P0RTAL)

   Yes, Still Alive is not number one. It is the most iconic song on the list, but far from the best. The best part of the song is the lyrics. The song foreshadows the events of Portal 2, and it expresses what makes GLaDOS so great.


4-Look Pimpin’ (Mad World)

   Mad World may be one of the most underrated Wii games ever. If you are looking for a truly hardcore game for the Wii, look no further. I am a fan of rap music, but this song is very different from most raps. The Black Barron expresses his strong distaste for Jack while you beat the crap out of each other in an amazing final boss battle. The music sets the tone, and the tone matches up with the fight perfectly.


3-Modern City Escape (Sonic Generations)

   In my Ode to Sonic blog, I called the original best sonic song of all time. It was a tough battle between this and the original Live and Learn, but City Escape came out on top. This is the most upbeat song on the list, and for a good reason. This song plays as sonic skateboards down a san-fransisco like hill and escapes from the G.U.N. soldiers. I like the beat of this mix a tad better. Sure they add in a verse, but the rest is an epic remix of a classic song.


2-Philistine (No more heroes 2)

  Yes, that song is sung by Tara ‘Goddess of Bronies’ Strong. Margret Moonlight is one of the better boss fights in No More Heroes 2, and the song is a big part of that. Her song not only presents her story, but also shares her opinion of Travis Touchdown. The song is perfectly fast paced for a fight, and the fact that people die after they hear the song is rather disturbing. I have to agree with Travis on this one though. It’s catchy as hell.


1-Baba yetu (Civ 4)

   Unlike most of the fast-paced songs that were on this list, Baba Yetu is more of an anthem then a fun song. The game sets the tone of the game perfectly, an epic story of how humanity has advanced from the Stone Age. This is one game where I have never skipped the opening.