Top 10 and 25 lists are very common for me to write. I have tons of them stuffed away in a word document, and inspiration was not with me today. So here they are, many lists of many different subjects. 


BEST TF2 Classes countdown

9-The demoman

8-The engineer

7-The scout

6-The soldier

5-The medic

4-The heavy

3-The sniper

2-The spy



TOP 10 boss battles of all time

10-Kraid (Super Metroid)

9-Giant bowser (New super mario bros wii)

8-Red (Pokemon gold and silver)

7-Skeletron (Terraria)

6-The end (Metal gear solid 3)

5-The clocktower (Epic mickey)

4-The great mighty poo (Conker’s bad fur day)

3-Mr. Freeze (Batman: Arkham city)

2-Gannondorf (Zelda: Wind waker)

1-Valus (Shadow of the colossus)


TOP 5 batman games

5-Lego batman 2

4-The adventures of batman and robin

3-Gotham city imposters

2-Arkham asylum

1-Arkham city


TOP 10 game systems

10-Sega genesis


8-Xbox 360             


6-Playstation 3


4-Gameboy advanced

3-Playstation 2




TOP 10 licensed games that don’t suck

10-Lego island 2

9-Indiana jones and the emperors tomb

8-The simpsons hit and run

7-Goldeneye 007

6-Astro boy: Omega factor

5-Epic mickey

4-Spiderman 2

3- Knights of the old republic

2-Kingdom hearts II

1-Batman arkham city


Top 25 N64 games

25-Donkey kong 64

24-Megaman 64

23-Pokemon snap

22-Diddy kong racing

21-Pokemon stadium

20-Kirby 64

19-Mario tennis

18-F-zero X

17-Excitebike 64

16-Jet force gemini

15-Rayman 2

14-Tony hawk’s pro skater 2

13-Resident evil 2

12-Super smash bros

11-Mario kart 64

10-Goldeneye 007

9-Tony hawk’s pro skater 3

8-Mojara’s mask

7-Banjo tooie

6-Coker’s Bad fur day

5-Perfect dark

4-Ocaraina of time

3-Paper mario

2-Mario 64