I have had an idea for a video game floating around in my head for a long time. This game would combine elements of devil may cry, call of duty, max payne, and uncharted all into one big pack of awesome. Today I am going to explain the details of my fictional game and why it would be a day one purchase for me.


   First off would be the story. Around the world, two old gods have emerged from their slumber and blessed 5000 soldiers. The soldiers developed supernatural powers, and warfare was changed forever. After 6 years of people living in an everlasting cold war from the threat of magic missles from each country, the two gods had a dispute. Suddenly, the people they blessed became enraged with each other, and people of power were also magically persuaded. A huge world war erupts, and you take control of a soldier in a battle starting in Alaska and takes a road trip filled with destruction down the west coast all the way down to south Africa.


   The levels would be set-piece filled like uncharted or call of duty. The opening mission starts off with you and a squad of other soldiers riding magically powered motorcycles off a cliff in Alaska and landing on an enemy cruise ship. From then on there are many breakneck moments such as diving off the space needle as it collapses, sneaking through an enemy base in Mexico, and even a huge shootout with hundreds of soldiers in Rio de jeniro.


   The gunplay would be like the recent max payne 3, but with powers like Dishonered. Your character has many magic powers that are earned depending on how you play. The powers are activated with LB or RB, so you can only have two equipped at once. However, you can easily change them in the menu during non-combat sections. The flow of unlocks is dynamic, so if you dive from cover spot to cover spot in combat a lot, you might unlock a power that lets you teleport from cover to cover without running and the risk of getting shot. You start out with bullet time and instincts, which functions like arkham city’s detective vision. From there it starts off the many skill trees, so if you use instinct more you will start on the stealth skill tree, while bullet time will focus on the combat skill tree.


   You might wonder where devil may cry fits into this. You can have four weapons equipped at a time. A magic weapon like a staff, a pistol, an assault rifle, and a sword. The swordplay is like devil may cry, so you can rack up combos with ease. However, people can still shoot you while you are slicing and dicing up people.


  The game is third person, with parkour like uncharted. Your character has lots of magic abilities, so he can do crazy stunts and jump off tall heights without the “He wouldn’t survive because he is human.” thing. The action and amount of crazy stuff happening at once would be like Asura’s wrath, and each weapon plays differently.


  Some are real world weapons, but others are insane heat seeking pistols and magic shooting sniper rifles that freeze people. Swords would be huge, and the spells would function like explosives. Guns would stick with you during your journey, so at any time where there is not combat.


  As I have hinted, there are moments without combat. You are usually searching for clues or going to the next combat section. There would also be an online multiplayer with unlocks like call of duty. Story mode would also be co-op like gears.