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31/31 Day 23: Video game crossovers that need to happen

    As you may or may not know, Archie comics is crossing over some of their biggest gaming comics. In 2013, Megaman will meet Sonic the Hedgehog. That's not the only crossover in gaming, however. Games like Playstation Move Heroes and Smash Bros bring together gaming icons in the name of fanservice. But other crossovers would be awesome as well. Here are some examples.



  This could take place later in Metal Gear cannon. Solid Snake has retired once again, but this time the government wants him for something new. Fourth echelon is a group of ex-spies who have crossed the CIA for the last time. The game transitions from Snake to Sam, unravelling a conspiracy on an international scale.In the end, the two rivals will team up and take down the real enemy, but this time they have help. In stealth games, I have always wanted a mission where it goes full scale war, but you still have to sneak. The enemies and the allies wold be gunning each other down, but the protaginist(S in this case) would sneak in and deal the final blow.



(For anything but the olympic games)

   Mario and Sonic crossed over three times before. Except they were mini game collections revolving around the real-life olympic games. Don't ask. What we need is some good old platforming. With Sega and Nintendo working on it. Why both? Well, I want to see what would happen if Sega made the Mario part of the game and Nintendo made the Sonic part of the game. Unlikely, I know. But wouldn't it be fun to see the two companies takes on each other's very different styles of 2D platforming?



  Take Marvel VS Capcom 3, then make all the Capcom characters DC heroes and villains. It would be the nerdiest game of the century. And I would love it.



   Remember in Prince of Persia when you could unlock an Altiar skin? Well what if Altiar met the good prince during the crusades, and the two parkoured their way through the middle east? Well, then we would have the best fanservice ever.



   Gaze at that picture. Take in every detail of that. Now imagine it being made by members of both 343 and Retro. Now imagine playing it. Exactly.