In  honor of the upcoming Smash Bros clone, I have compiled a list of Sony characters who I want to see fight Kratos. Later on I will post some stage ideas, but until then these are the fighters who I want to play as. 


Crash Bandicoot

  Crash would be a welcome addition to this Sony all-stars club. Crash would play like Mario from Smash Bros, using punches and powerups to attack. He is a very important part of Sony history and could be one of the more balanced fighters.



  Like Crash, Spyro is a very important part of Sony history. He would have more aerial attacks then other fighters. He could use breath attacks and rams to fight off enemies, as well as claw based attacks. He would have good recovery attacks.



   The game already has some 3rd party titles, so why not add in one of the most famous characters to ever grace a Sony system? Cloud Strife could use some material and swordplay, like Marth from Smash Bros.



   Wander fights like our good friend Ike from Brawl. Wander would use his swordplay and parkour skills to mauver around his foes and strike quickly. He would be a glass cannon, so if he gets hit he would get massive damage.



   Remember him? He was the guy who fought the GIANT ENEMY CRAB in that one game with the GIANT ENEMY CRABS and stuff. Now you are probably thinking-“Another swordsman?” Well yes. He would fight b using counter attacks and chaining together his rather weak attacks to make a combo.


Pomerian Dog

  Finally, somebody who is not a swordsman. Our fluffy protagonist of Tokyo Jungle would bite and thrash at people, but would have a rather weak block. However, he could have many dodge attacks so that you could keep your distance, then pounce.


The Hero

  Did you miss sword fighters? No? Well too bad, because The Hero from 3D Dot Game Heroes would be a welcome addition to the game. He would be like Link, except… Nah, he would be exactly like Link from Smash Bros.



 Last night, I and over 300 other people had to suffer through O’Dell play Lair. So as an amazing homage to that awful hour, Rohn and his Pet Dragon could join the fray. Most of his attacks would be summoning his dragon so that he could tear up the competition.