Water levels. They are slow-paced, annoying, and will sometimes ruin your experience. Not this time. Today I am going to list the top 10 water levels that didn’t ruin this game, but added to the experience. Also, I would blog about extra life but it is kinda overused. And I think my brain cells were killed from watching a livestream with ben.


10-Hunter killer (Call of duty: Modern warfare 3)

   You might be saying “Oh why this level, it is exactly like every other one!’ That is the reason why it is on here. It didn’t break the pace like most water levels do, it charged right in and decided to let us blow up a submarine.


9-Port royal (Little big planet)

  This is a level in Little Big Planet that does not involve wheels, so it has to be good! And it is very, very good.


8- Monstro (Kingdom hearts)

   In contrast to that OTHER water level in kingdom hearts *Coughatlanticacough*, this one was fun and gave us some great moments! Like when Pinnochio did that thing and Monstro did that thing and then Riku showed up. And Riku is cool.


7-Graveyard of ships (God of war)

   I don’t have much to say about this level other than it sets a great tone that the rest of the game follows. It is dark, foreboding, and everything wants to kill you.


6-Splash beach (Kirby’s epic yarn)

   Splash beach starts off nice and calm, but everything changes when you literally turn on the sun. The turtles awake, the music blasts, and the level is just one long roller-coaster through fun.


5-All of them (Donkey kong country)

   I know it is kind of cheating, but Donkey Kong Country had some great underwater levels. It gave us some of the best music in the game, and the controls are still tight. Also, there is a swordfish. Swordfish are almost as cool as Riku.


 4-Jolly roger bay (Super mario 64)

    Jolly Roger Bay has the best song in Mario 64. The end.


3-Ancient cistern (Zelda: Skyward sword)

  What’s this? A water dungeon that doesn’t suck? Skyward sword pulled it off well with an actually fun dungeon and a cool boss fight.


2-Welcome to rapture (Bioshock)

    Bioshock is such a fantastic game. It not only has a compelling story line, fun gunplay, and great atmosphere, but it has some of the best levels in gaming. Levels like fort frolic and arcadia are great, but the only time in this watery city where you actually interacted with water was welcome to rapture. You start with a plane crash in the ocean, and you spend the level exploring the flooded halls of upper rapture.


1-Stormy shore (Donkey kong country returns)

   That’s right, Donkey kong country returns had some spectacular levels, but none were as epic or atmospheric as stormy shore. This level isn’t very tough or anything, but it sure packs a punch. The entire level you are chased by a giant octopus who wants you and diddy dead. The entire time you great atmosphere, in the form of destroyed ships and jagged rocks. This is a level I will not soon forget.